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Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Tells Women to Pursue Their True Passion

Lime Crime is a pretty cool brand of makeup. Unlike most brands, it has a signature style that has inspired an almost cult-like following of women around the world. Founder, Doe Deere, created the brand in 2008 after she had trouble finding the types of bright, bold colors of makeup she desired for her own beauty regimen. She initially came out with a luxurious line of lipsticks that came in shades from bright red to a deep, ocean blue. When she launched Lime Crime she expected the brand to have a small, niche following. However, she was surprised when the company skyrocketed into an international success. It turns out that women everywhere were looking for the same bold shades.


Women who use Lime Crime see it as far more than simply makeup. It is a way to express themselves and they use it to paint their faces in the way that they feel. Doe Deere has always done the same. She uses makeup to express her mood and the way she feels. She is also known for her bold shades of hair color that vary weekly from purple to orange, to pink, to platinum blonde.


Doe Deere has never followed the common path. She is originally from Russia and moved to New York City when she was young to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician. She lived life as a musician for a while and met her husband in the process. She then went on to work in the corporate fashion world and saw a great deal of success in that industry before founding Lime Crime. She has always been an entrepreneur and founded her first business when she was just thirteen years old, selling temporary tattoos to the other kids at her school.


She was recently highlighted in an article by Guest of a Guest, where she gave advice to women who also wanted to become a successful entrepreneur. The article was very interesting and she gave advice that really resonated. The best takeaway was her advice to find the thing that you truly love and pursue in fearlessly. She believes that all of us have a true passion inside of us and that many times we shy away from it because it seems to hard or unfeasible. She said we need to ignore the voices telling us we can’t do something and pursue our dreams with strong passion and belief that we can accomplish anything. Learn more: