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Orange Coast College Rowers are Giant Killer

Orange Coast College is one of the best community colleges in the country. Orange Coast College is located in Costa Mesa, Orange Country, California, enrolling over 25,000 students every semester. For many students Orange Coast College is a spring board to launch their academic journeys to larger institutions such as the University of California, California State University, Stanford, and numerous public and private colleges across the country.

Orange College men’s crew is one of the twelve athletic programs offered for men. This weekend Orange Coast College men’s crew team will row for their twelfth national title. This title isn’t just against schools of their size, they will be competing against some of the best crews in the country, including University of Washington, Stanford, and Boston University. Read more: Orange Coast College | Twitter

This year the Nationals are held at Lake Lanier, Georgia. This 2017 crew is lead by 22 year old team captain Daniel Amado. Former head coach, Steve Morris, has returned to his alma mater and previous crew team as assistant coach. Although small, Orange Coast College crew is mighty.

Orange Coast College has had a crew for the last 60 years and claimed 11 national titles. The most recent national title was won last year. Ten former Orange Coast College rowers have gone on to compete at larger platforms, including national competitions and even the Olympics.

Rowing isn’t a sport for the weak. Rowers’ strength is constantly pushed to the limits, physically, mentally, and academically. At the beginning of the year approximately 80 men will sign up for crew.

That number will drop to half by the end of the season. Crew requires a lot of hard work and dedication, as students spend around 20 hours a week training. Those students know there are high expectations. The expectations are set by the rowing community, the school, the coaches and themselves. Rowing is in their hearts. They battle together against many four-year universities who have nicknamed this two-year community college “Giant Killer.”

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