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How a PR Firm was Able to Restore Their Rightful Image

The crisis and reputation management firm called Status Labs that operates out of Austin, Texas recently experienced their own kind of disaster. An executive operated on his own accord and damaged the companies relationship with the public. Through no fault of its own, the company now found itself in a dangerous position.

They had to restore their own image with the public through managing relationships with communities, individuals, and groups in the surrounding area.

The first action they took was to force the executive to publicly resign. This served to show the people who were angry that the employees were angry at this individual too.

Next, the employees of the company posted a team letter and an open letter signed by all in the company. This was meant to personify the company that had been vilified by the public. Putting a face on the group softened the undeserved anger.

The company also realized that it needed to work harder to maintain its relationship with the public. Employees began company outings to food banks and blood donations in order to restore both relationships and company morale.

Next, the leaders of the company found that most of the employees now had a bad attitude with regards to their position at their job. Employees felt almost ashamed at the fact that they worked at Status Labs. To remedy this, the president of the company told each individual every day that they were a valuable asset to the team. This unique message was meant to lift the spirits of those working. That however, was not enough.

To further lighten the office mood, the company began catering lunch in every Friday as a bonding activity for the company. In addition, well-behaved pets were now allowed in the office, much to the enjoyment of the employees. Regular outings, such as kayaking and hiking were now scheduled for the employees as well.

Next, a monthly newsletter was created that kept the entire team in the loop on the actions of the company. Finally, the company began to be much more cautious with the quality of individuals hired.

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