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Dr. Saad Saad shares his principles on success

Dr. Saad Saad is an alma mater of Cairo University where he graduated with honors in medicine. He was second in his class. He then relocated to England where he practiced medicine as an intern then later relocated to the United States of America. It was during his time in the United States that he became a board-certified pediatric surgeon after practicing as a resident for quite some time. In the 1980’s, he was asked to move to Saudi Arabia by the royal family to work as their own personal pediatric surgeon. Here he performed wads of surgeries from the least complicated to the most complicated ones. He made headlines after performing a surgical procedure on the youngest child ever to have been admitted with an aneurysm. His process was recorded and has been used as inspiration in the global scientific journal. So what life lessons should you expect from such a successful man? Well, Dr. Saad Saad has a few life lessons he thinks are vital for anyone who wants to excel in whatever they do.


First, Dr. Saad Saad thinks it’s important for anyone not to accept anything less other than the success they seek. Dr. Saad Saad was born in the 1940’s when there was a conflict between Israel and Palestine. This was just right after Israel had become a state. He, together with his family, was forced out of Palestine. They settled in Kuwait where his father got a job as a petroleum mechanic. It was during these tough times that his father gave him a piece of advice that stuck with him for the rest of his life. His father asked him to dedicate himself to studying hard if he wished to have a better life, which he did. His desire to become a doctor was born after realizing that the only place in Kuwait where the temperatures weren’t extremely high was the air-conditioned operating rooms in hospitals.


Second, Dr. Saad Saad strongly believes that no one should ever wait till tomorrow to perform a task that could be completed today. He acknowledges that it is this rule that has made him manage his time efficiently, and it’s what his success is pegged on. He admits that becoming the first ever board-certified pediatric surgeon in the country was not an accomplishment that came to him on a silver platter. He had to dream big and manage his time efficiently for him to be where he is today. Learn more :

Saad Saad Creates Inventions to Help Children

Since he’s a pediatric surgeon, Saad Saad knows the importance of trying to help other people with the issues they face. He also knows there are positive opportunities people can use to continue getting more from different situations. As long as Saad Saad continued coming up with inventions for his patients, he could keep making sure they had someone who knew what he was doing. The people he worked with were important to him because they were just children and that’s why he did what he could to make things better for all of them.


Even though Saad Saad’s patients are not adults, they’re still valuable to him. He wants to make sure he can actually help them and give them a chance at a better life no matter what ailments they’re suffering from. He believes he can fix it. As a surgeon, he has the necessary tools to give attention to the things other people are dealing with. He also feels like he can show children they have a chance at a better life because of the work he does. It’s his goal to keep helping people and keep giving kids the chances they need for a better life. Even when Saad Saad started, he felt good about the help he gave.


Saad Saad started working as a pediatric surgeon because he wanted to make an impact. He knew the career would continue getting harder. He also knew how grueling the work was, but he chose to do all of it because he wanted to show people they had someone who was in their corner. He felt good about the opportunities he gave to people and wasn’t afraid to give back in different instances. Everything he did was important and he felt good about it because he was actually helping children.


Not all surgeons work as hard as Saad Saad. He worked harder than most by focusing on how he could help his patients. He tried different techniques and wasn’t afraid to truly get in to the hard part of helping them. It wasn’t always easy to make inventions and come up with ideas to give the patients things that would actually help them. Despite the difficulties, Saad Saad never stopped working for his patients. He continues helping them and giving them all the positive opportunities they can use in their own lives. As a surgeon, he is excellent at focusing on patients. Learn more:


Dr. Mark McKenna Launches New OVME Brand

Dr. Mark McKenna has taken the Atlanta area by storm this year with his brand of innovative cosmetic surgery offerings. The doctor and entrepreneur recently opened a Buckhead office of his OVME brand, specializing in the latest trends in medical aesthetics. These minimally invasive procedures boast the most cutting-edge technology with the goal of making patients feel good about themselves both physically and mentally.

As a former real estate entrepreneur, Dr. Mark McKenna has experience in both the business and medical fields. His latest venture, ShapeMed, was recently sold to Lifetime Fitness. Dr. Mark McKenna launched ShapeMed after the effects of Hurricane Katrina caused great loss in his real estate empire. The ShapeMed chain of offices was designed to offer various cosmetic treatments including laser hair removal and Botox. Dr. Mark Mckenna was able to use his experience in both real estate and the ShapeMed venture to cultivate the workings of his new enterprise OVME.

The goal of Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME is to make medical aesthetics more accessible to everyone. Likened to an UBER service, clients can use OVME’s app to connect with a wide network of OVME’s freelance practitioners. Not only can customers visit the Buckhead physical location, but they can also request house calls on demand.

Dr. Mark McKenna is excited to show his Atlanta customer base all of the innovative ways that OVME can improve their lives while doing it with a safe and minimally invasive approach. In addition to a full range of Botox treatments and dermal fillers, OVME will also offer a myriad of body and health benefits including hair loss treatment offerings, testosterone replacement therapy, and new solutions to weight loss management.

Customers of OVME will receive personalized service that looks at the long-term care of the individual. OVME is pronounced “of me”, perfectly describing the approach the company will take to providing unique and personalized service for each individual.