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Impact of Andrew Rolfe to the Ubuntu Educational Fund

The Ubuntu Fund was established in 1999 as a small charity that based its focus on the tools of education. Afterward, the founders discovered other factors that prevented the children from receiving quality education. Therefore, they settled on expanding their reach to curb factors such as HIV and hunger by including provisions for home stability, health, nutrition, and much more.

The 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner was held in May 2016 with the hope of raising $972,960. This amount was meant to benefit disadvantaged students in South Africa through the Ubuntu Fund’s school in Port Elizabeth. The London Gala raised an amount equal to approximately R10 million. Some money will also be directed toward improving the campus’ pediatric clinic.

About 300 prominent philanthropists graced the gala. The most captivating story was that told by Sinesipho Rabidyani, a beneficiary of the Fund’s scholarship program. Her determination to get education surpassed the numerous challenges she went through while pursuing this dream. She is currently attending law school. Her story encouraged many revelers to give generously during the gala.

The glamorous event was concluded by an inspiring speech from the Ubuntu Education Fund CEO, Jacob Lief. He spent 20 years watching the problems faced by children growing in Africa ranging from nutrition and healthcare to education. This was his major motivation to establishing the charity that has successfully improved the lives of children in Port Elizabeth. For instance, all HIV-positive mothers under this program have given birth to HIV-negative babies. Additionally, every toddler in this program will commence their primary education on time. Finally, 90 percent of graduates are ready to attend their preferred university. Currently, the fund sponsors over 2,000 needy children.

Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the current chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford. He also holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School. Mr. Rolfe received the Presidential honor of the Gap’s International Division.

Mr. Rolfe has also served in leadership positions in several companies. He served as the CEO of Pret A Manger which operated in Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. The management guru also served as CEO of Booker Foodservice, as well as Vice President of PepsiCo Restaurant International where he managed the company’s subsidiaries in 30 countries.

Mr. Rolf’s leadership skills make him a significant personality in the Ubuntu Education Fund. He continuously works towards expanding opportunities to more needy children and their families. Under his guidance, the organization is set to make more developments in their activities.