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Equity First Has Triumphed In Helping Hundreds

More Uses with Stocks

For companies looking forward to securing a loan with lowest rates of qualification, then they need to consider a financing company called Equity First Holdings LLC. Started in 2002, Equity First Holdings was a pioneer of sorts in giving loans based on publicly traded stocks as collateral. By offering this type of unique lending method, Equity First has triumphed in helping hundreds of companies achieve economic success.

However, this type of loan service is not only offered to businesses; it is also available to individuals who are working towards financial independence. All transactions are tailored in a way that suits the customer’s needs. This business model proved to be popular in other countries as well, going by the global presence of the company. Today, Equity First has a presence in nine different countries, spread throughout the globe, and has grown to become one of the most successful capital lending corporations around the world.

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