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Hiring An Event Planner: Tips For Getting It Right

So you’re thinking of hiring an event planner, but where do you start? Planning an event can be stressful and complicated, which is probably why you’re hiring a planner. That part shouldn’t be stressful. Here are some tips to help you find the right planner for the job.

1. What Is Your Reason For Hiring A Planner?

This is important, because not everyone hires a planner for the same reasons. Are you wanting someone who can plan your event from the ground up? In other words, someone who will brainstorm themes or concepts and design your perfect event? Or, do you have a solid vision for your event, and you just need to make sure everything goes smoothly? These are important points to bring up when you start interviewing event planners.

2. What Is Your Budget?

Knowing your budget is essential and should be established before you start looking for a planner.

3. Get Recommendations From Your Circle

Have you been to any events recently that were amazing and well-coordinated? Find out who the planner was. Consult coworkers and associates who have had good experiences and can recommend their event planner.

4. Plan On Interviewing At Least Three Planners

From your research and recommendations, choose at least three event planners and meet with them, ideally in person. Let them know what you are looking for and what your firm budget is. Listen to them and get a feel for how they work.

5. Check References

This is an important step that many people neglect. You have to check references. Check more than one. One bad review isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but more than that is a red flag. You want to know that the planner has a good reputation and happy clients! When you talk to people about their experience, ask them if they would hire the planner again.

The planner’s website is a good place to start. For example, the website for 23 Layers has a page dedicated to customer testimonials. You can see that 23 Layers is a respected and popular event planning company in New York. While there are many event planners in New York, 23 Layers stands out because they provide amazing service and deliver results that delight their customers.

Different Types Of Events

There are plenty of different types of events for different types of occasions. Among the different events that people often want to host are holiday events. There are also entertainment events for people that want to enjoy some of the different pieces of pop culture. For instance, there are music events for people that want to celebrate the release of a new album. There are also events for people that want to look back on another era. When it comes to events and occasions, there are almost as many occasions as there are people. However, it does take a type of creativity to make it work.

Fortunately, this kind of creativity can be supplied by event planners in NYC. One example of an event planner is 23 Layers. They are some of the most experienced and skilled event planners that take the time to make sure every aspect of the party is working. However, this company that plans events in NYC doesn’t try to make everything perfect. One thing they want to do is make sure that people are willing to participate in the party. People are not as likely to participate in the party if they fill that everything is too perfect. They would feel a lot of pressure and find themselves afraid to ruin it.

23 Layers knows how to make the most out of any event that they have going so that people will have good memories about the event. They are all about the creativity that is needed to bring forth great ideas that will help them attract a lively audience. Therefore, people will not only enjoy the events, but they will want more events from event planning companies in NYC such as 23 Layers. 23 Layers is the one company that people are learning to trust with each event.

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