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Clay Siegall: America’s Unsung Hero Leading Seattle Genetics

Living in todays modern society celebrities or professional athletes tend to receive most of the credit for their accomplishments. These people are household names just for having a job that involves playing a game or for entertainment purposes. Unfortunately the real hero never seems to get the credit he/she deserves. People who save lives should be household names, but unfortunately the world doesn’t see it that way. Being such a dangerous and deadly disease, cancer has become widespread and it’s more than likely touched each and every one of our lives in some form or fashion. The good thing about this situation is that there are far better advancements in the fight against cancer and Dr. Clay Siegall is helping to lead the charge.

You may know this, but Clay Siegall is the (CEO) and President of one of the worlds best biotechnology companies. Seattle Genetics has grown into the industry’s top research, development, and commercialization centers in the quest to rid the world of this disheartening disease. Dr. Clay Siegall’s strong leadership has pushed the company even further by producing some of the best Antibody Based Therapies. These therapies are known as Antibody Drug Conjugates, which directly injects cancer cells with cell killing agents. A main benefit of this advanced therapy is that it reduces the nasty side effects which are prevalent with traditional cancer treatment methods. (ADCs) are great because they don’t target the good cells within the body unlike chemotherapy. Being such a success, these drugs are used worldwide in over 65 countries.

Dr. Clay Siegall has the knowledge, know-how, capabilities, and expertise to keep the company and the industry in an ever evolving cycle. Dr. Siegall is the winner of many health/medical related awards, is the author of up to 70 publications, and is the holder of 15 patents. He’s a natural born philanthropist who put others health at the top of his priority list and with Clay Siegall in charge, the fight against cancer will eventually succumb to the antibody based therapies positive effects.