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End Citizens United Backs Candidates that Believe in True Democracy

End Citizens United is fighting hard to represent the fight against campaign finance abuses by getting candidates elected who believe in rejecting dark money and redirecting it away from Washington D.C. End Citizens United was created in 2015 to fight the Supreme Court decision that gave corporations free speech and unleashed billions of dollars almost exclusively funding republican candidates. What’s most remarkable about the Supreme Court decision is that it gave the reigns to the rich and basically denied the value of the individual’s vote. Now, corporations can influence the typical individual’s vote by bombarding them with false or misleading advertising, so they believe certain candidates are inept and ill-suited to run for office. Corporations have coffers burgeoning with money, so they can pour dollar after dollar behind their candidate of choice and the individual is unaware of the forces influencing their vote.

End Citizens United (ECU) specifically endorses pro-reform candidates and so far for the 2018 elections has raised at least $35 million through grass roots fund raising with donations from 400,000 Americans of as little as $14 each. While the dark money may be far greater, it doesn’t have the combination of good candidates, ideas worth fighting for and hard working door-to-door campaign workers. End Citizens United has and is currently backing several hard working candidates that believe strongly in campaign finance reform. One such candidate is Beto O’Rourke, the Texas Representative of the 16th congressional district who is running against Ted Cruz for Senator this year. Ted Cruz is known for his big money backers and his positive standing with the NRA.

Beto O’Rourke wants to reduce the power big money currently exercises in our democracy and he’s one of the congressional members who voted for the amendment Democracy for All, which effectively reverses the Citizens United decision. Randy Bryce is seeking to take over Paul Ryan’s senate seat in Wisconsin, Jacky Rosen is running against Dean Heller in Nevada’s senate race, Elissa Slotkin, a former CIA agent is running against incumbent Representative Mike Bishop. Brendan Kelly is running for congress in Illinois and Andy Kim is vying to represent New Jersey. All are being backed by the ECU because of their contribution to the fight to return politics to control by the people.

How Fortress Investment Group has Grown in Two Decades

Fortress Investment Group has always remained to be a leader in the investment management department. Since it was formed in the year 1998, the company has earned a reputation that is not easy to establish, especially in the competitive environment. When Fortress Investment was started two decades ago, the leaders felt that it was going to fulfill the needs of the customers when operating as one of the private equity firms in the market. Since then, the organization has remained to be one of the trendsetters, and it has been performing to the satisfaction of the clients who are based in various parts of the world. The company success was evident when it managed to publish its results in its official website. The organization was also declared one of the largest and fastest growing large-scale equity firms that are privately held in the United States several years ago.

At the moment, Fortress Investment Group has grown from covering the American market to other parts of the globe. As an international investment firm, Fortress Investment Group has opened its offices in many countries, and it has managed to cover assets worth over fifty billion in the public department. The company has customers from diverse departments, and they have been praising the services they have been offered since they partnered with the financial services company. The company has been getting recognitions from many platforms because of its achievements in the international arena. The global firm has been fortunate to enjoy the leadership of three professionals who are famed and respected because of their role in the financial department.

The three principals, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger, have established all the company milestones because of their great mastery of the finance department. Under the leadership of these principals, the company has done well in operations management, asset-based investing, capital markets and many other subjects that give customers sleepless nights. Fortress Investment Group did not wake up and achieve all its success in a single day. The organization has been rising against all odds and improving the lives of so many American investors because of its able professionals. The company workers have vowed to spend sleepless nights so that the consumer can be happy and be contented because of working with the company. All of the company workers have been certified by the required regulation bodies, and they have all passed their academic stages.

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