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How Fortress Investment Group has Grown in Two Decades

Fortress Investment Group has always remained to be a leader in the investment management department. Since it was formed in the year 1998, the company has earned a reputation that is not easy to establish, especially in the competitive environment. When Fortress Investment was started two decades ago, the leaders felt that it was going to fulfill the needs of the customers when operating as one of the private equity firms in the market. Since then, the organization has remained to be one of the trendsetters, and it has been performing to the satisfaction of the clients who are based in various parts of the world. The company success was evident when it managed to publish its results in its official website. The organization was also declared one of the largest and fastest growing large-scale equity firms that are privately held in the United States several years ago.

At the moment, Fortress Investment Group has grown from covering the American market to other parts of the globe. As an international investment firm, Fortress Investment Group has opened its offices in many countries, and it has managed to cover assets worth over fifty billion in the public department. The company has customers from diverse departments, and they have been praising the services they have been offered since they partnered with the financial services company. The company has been getting recognitions from many platforms because of its achievements in the international arena. The global firm has been fortunate to enjoy the leadership of three professionals who are famed and respected because of their role in the financial department.

The three principals, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger, have established all the company milestones because of their great mastery of the finance department. Under the leadership of these principals, the company has done well in operations management, asset-based investing, capital markets and many other subjects that give customers sleepless nights. Fortress Investment Group did not wake up and achieve all its success in a single day. The organization has been rising against all odds and improving the lives of so many American investors because of its able professionals. The company workers have vowed to spend sleepless nights so that the consumer can be happy and be contented because of working with the company. All of the company workers have been certified by the required regulation bodies, and they have all passed their academic stages.

SoftBank Vision 2.0 Strategy: Fortress Investment Group Luxury Gaming Plus SoftBank Cutting Edge Gaming Technology

The Fortress Investment Group assets tend to appeal to the wealthy – casinos, resorts and even special banks. SoftBank has added some of the most cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow. Just imagine the juggernaut that would be created when the two could meld advanced technology and luxury brands as part of their SoftBank Vision 2.0 Strategy.

 Fortress Luxury Properties

The Fortress Investment Group was very careful about building up its wealth portfolio. Many would call the assets traditional luxury brands. The wealthy do not see large changes to their wealth and can continue to pay top dollar for the best products and services. The Fortress added a number of luxury service oriented companies to its holdings, including IntraWest, Penn National Gaming and Spring Leaf Financial. Penn National had 4,800 hotel rooms, 36,200 gaming machines and 810 table games under its umbrella at the end of 2017.Springleaf Financial provided personal installment loans to rich people. Wealthy people loved the Fortress brand. They could even support the British Columbia Winter Olympics, which Fortress helped fund in 2010.The Fortress principals were also well-connected. They had worked at UBS, Black Rock and Goldman Sachs. When SoftBank purchased Fortress in 2017, it kept all of the principals in place. This suggested that they had no problem with how the Fortress was being run.

SoftBank Technology Investments

The SoftBank Vision 2.0 Fund is trying to create the infrastructure of the future. The Fortress has a lot of property that could be useful for the SoftBank. That might be one of the reasons why SoftBank purchased the Fortress Investment Group in 2017.SoftBank has investments in both Uber and DiDi, which provide transportation services to their customers. Along those same transportation lines is MapBox, which allows for users to create their own customized maps. This takes transportation to the nth degree.Perhaps, people could combine the Fortress IntraWest holdings with the SoftBank MapBox holdings to create their own special maps of various ski runs. They could identify where the trees are located and the best path for accomplishing various goals. The possibilities are endless.That might be why SoftBank was so excited to purchase Fortress. SoftBank also has holdings in the NVidia technology, which is crucial to many modern gaming systems. NVidia technology could be used to upgrade Penn National’s Hollywood Casinos for the next generation of online gaming. The future for transportation, gaming and luxury brands are bright for the SoftBank Fortress powerhouse.

Better World for Luxury Gaming

Combining the Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank has made a brand that will provide the latest technology for those who can afford luxury brands. That seems to be where the money is. That is what SoftBank is betting on.Interestingly enough, both Fortress and SoftBank understand the importance of gaming too. They have different approaches, but both understand that people will spend a lot of money to rest, unwind and relax. This Fortress & Softbank synergy could be the start of something good.

Highland Capital Management and Boeing Corporation Each Gift the Dallas Bush Center $10 Million

The George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas proudly announces they are the recipients of a $10 million endowment to support their Engage at the Bush Center program. This generous donation comes from the Highland Capital Management company.

Additionally, the center has received a commitment of $10 million from the Boeing Corporation to aid in the center’s Military Service Initiative, which assists post-9/11 veterans. Visit to know more.

Engage at the Bush Center Program

Highland Capital’s contribution will be used for the 2018 Engage program, which offers lectures and discussions, film screenings, and special social events. Issues and policies about democracy in the United States are the focus of Engage.

Jim Dondero, the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, is set to join the Bush Center advisory council. He explains the company is proud to support the Bush Center vision.

The first Engage event two-part program beginning on February 5, 2018, sponsored by Highland Captial Management. “Constitutional Conversations: Justice Scalia’s Memorable Speeches/James Madison & Today’s Media” begins with a conversation with the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s son, Christopher.

He has compiled his father’s favorite speeches and published the biography, “Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith and Life Well Lived,” on October 3, 2017.

Joining Scalia will be Jeffery Rosen who is an expert on Madison; a media researcher for Pew, Amy Mitchell, who co-authored the annual report “State of the News Media;” and Dallas Morning News editor Mike Wilson. They will be discussing the current media climate and the position James Madison might have taken on the subject.


Military Service Initiative

Former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura established the initiative as part of their dedication to supporting the nation’s veterans. The Center’s program ensures the successful transition from military to civilian life for veterans and their families. The initiative focuses on the invisible scars related to military service.

Boeing Corporation is dedicated to supporting veterans after their discharge. This includes hiring them. Their commitment to the Bush Center is a portion of an investment in the recovery, rehabilitation, and transition services for U.S. veterans worldwide. Over a three-year period, Boeing has committed to spending $30 million.

The Bushes extend their gratitude to both Boeing and Highland Captial Management for their generous support of these programs at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

The Operational Highlights of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management was formed in 1990, with James Dondero and Mark Okada as Partners in collaboration with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. HCM is an investment firm which also acts as a prime credit manager. The stakes were to be owned 60% by Protection Asset Management Company (PAMCO) and 40% for the two partners in 1997. Later they bought all the shares of PAMCO and got SEC registration. Initially, it had the name, Ranger Asset Management L.P. It would later be rebranded as Highland Capital Management.


HCM specializes in advancing credit, equity, real estate, health care, structured products and managing distressed, special situations. In 2000, the firm launched a loan fund and an investment 40 Act platform. In an expansion, the firm has acquired two floating funds from the Columbia Asset Management and has opened offices in Singapore and Seoul in 2008 and 2011 respectively. HCM has become popular in excellent service delivery that meets the market demands.


One of the HCM’s achievements is in the NexPoint fund’s subscription. The subscription raised $269 million from the shareholders. NexPoint Credit Strategies closed a fund at $400 million and an increase of 20.69% from the previous year and 18.79% in the last five years. To enlarge the market In CLO leadership, HCM has controlled approximately $30 million of CLOs/CDOs.


About Highland Capital Management

It has over 20 years of operation since 1993, with a staff of 180 around the world. It has since its inception is has opened many subsidiaries in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. It is based in 300 Crescent Court Dallas, Texas. It protects investor’s capital and pursues new business opportunities to corporations, financial institution, organizations and government agencies.


The range of products targets investors are in institutions and retail markets. It uses low-cost alternatives strategies in equity and credit management. The emergent market opportunities, HCM is pursuing IS IN oil and gas funds, Credit hedge funds, private equity funds, market credit funds and equity funds both in the short term and in the long term. Partnerships with other investors have helped HCM raise over $250 million in assets.