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Majeed Ekbal: Businessman and Philanthropist

Since the Nepal earthquake devastation, there has been humanitarian reliefs in support of those effected by this catastrophe. The creator of this Go Fund Me campaign, Majeed Ekbal, is an example of someone who is devoted to helping others. This article about how he is gathering others to help those affected by the Nepal earthquake is a testimony to his kindness.

Before addressing the Go Fund Me campaign for those devastated by the Nepal earthquake, it is important to have some familiarity to the Chicago real estate agent, Majeed Ekbal. Since 2011, he has devoted himself to humanitarian efforts, which include working with people locally and nationally. Before he devoted himself to humanitarian causes, he was part a digital marketing agent, where he worked as a consultant. Before he was a consultant, he worked in Chicago as a VP Business Developer.

Expresso Inc, which Ekbal owns, will shop for the customers, or even go as far as picking up and dropping off the customer’s keys, which is mentioned in one article. As the article mentions, Ekbal is a savvy business owner, knowing how to cater to individuals who have refined tastes. Ekbal’s most recent business idea shows how innovative he is as well as successful, in finding business strategies that help the individual. His business idea with Expresso Inc. is to expand his virtual service to other cities, allowing customers to shop for nearly everything online.

The Go Fund Me campaign, begun by Ekbal, shows how he more than a businessman with a goal for money. He is an individual that cares about communities locally and nationally. He also cares about his friends that live in Nepal, which is stated in the article. With a goal of 1 million dollars raised through donations, it shows that Ekbal has a desire to give a major contribution to those who need relief.