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FreedomPop Brings Free Service to UK

The team at FreedomPop has to be struggling to catch their breath as they gear up for a huge expansion into the crowded U.K. market. The L.A. based tech start up has seemingly turned into one of the hottest mobile phone properties in America and now it appears that they’ll be making a strong move over the ocean to bring in international customers. FreedomPop has finally shrugged off the rumors of a merger and now they are focused solely on growing the company that has eclipsed 1 million total subscribers here in America. The United Kingdom is a crowded market but they don’t have anything that can compete with “free”, as reported by the Daily Mail.

FreedomPop generated a survey and found that nearly 250,000 U.K. citizens were interested in trying out the FreedomPop brand. There are many reasons for this large base of interest, and not the least of which is the fact that FreedomPop is competitive with almost every phone company in the U.K. The core FreedomPop program will offer 200 minutes of talk, 200 texts, and 200 megabytes of mobile data all for completely free. Users can earn more data by completing surveys or sharing the program with their friends. Registration is available online and the launch will be with SIM cards and not physical FreedomPop phones — though those are incoming.

FreedomPop will rent infrastructure in the U.K. instead of establishing their own physical properties and thus further save money for customers Still, in order to become ‘cash positive’ in the U.K. there will need to be about a 30% paying rate for subscribers. Subscribers can expand their plan, purchase additional insurance protection plans, or even opt to share their plan with other users. Right now interest is seemingly at an all time high and a healthy launch could change FreedomPop’s fortunes.