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Lovaganza Says Unite To Eradicate Hunger

Lovaganza, a humanitarian project aimed at showcasing modern-day heroes and heroines from around the world, says we should support, unify, and preserve humanity, and this all-nations campaign is raising awareness for everyone to become more involved.

“Lovaganza is an initiative aimed at achieving peace, unity and eradicating suffering among countries,” say co-founders of Lovaganza, Jean-Francois and wife, Genevieve Gagnon. They travel around the world, and take to the streets to tell the stories of unconditional love. “It is a showcase to inspire, create and share a vision of what the world of tomorrow could become,” adds Gagnon. One such focus is eradicating childhood hunger. Hunger and concern for ingesting daily food are as old as mankind, and one of the most important topics of our future.

According to No Kid Hungry on Facebook, nearly 16.2 million U.S. children experience food insecurity, and approximately 800 million people worldwide. It’s become the one of the most pressing problems in the world. Chronic malnutrition in childhood leaves lifelong negative effects, and many can remain hidden. The consequences of hunger and malnutrition influence a child’s life for years. Childhood hunger can increase hypertension, produce a reduction in body size, and affects mental acuity. It also results in limited development opportunities for many kids. Children may not grow properly afterwards and it can leave hereditary characteristics.

By working together, Lovaganza believes that cities can promote innovative ideas and partnerships to help the poorest people in the world. “It is not just about altruism,” and “There’s a blind double burden when it comes to hunger. There are social and economic consequences of chronic malnutrition,” says Lovaganza co-founder, Jean-Francois. Good nutrition is essential for the well-being, health, fitness and performance of people and societies. Without appropriate nutrition, it all begins to crumble.

What Are The Solutions?

There is no bullet to solve hunger, but Lovaganza is bringing and keeping the problem in the forefront. According to the United Nations, enough food can be produced to reduce world hunger, if we handle it correctly. On one hand, we need more food supplies, and to boost incomes of the poor to increase productivity.

Another approach is to simply improve agricultural production. Environmentally friendly farming techniques and educational programs that help the poor grow food are not innovative, yet it’s so simple.

Lovaganza has a self-enduring promise to bring people together and focus on improving performance of communities, and delivering on unity.

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