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Companies Look To Goettl Merger To Provide Future Success

Under the new ownership of Ken Goodrich the expansion of the Goettl brand into areas the company once dominated and new areas of the states of Arizona and Nevada; one aspect of the recent development of the company has been the process of reaching out to existing HVAC repair and plumbing services and merging them under the Goettl brand. Ken Goodrich is keen to make sure the Goettl brand continues to grow and wants to develop a group of technicians unmatched in their skills as HVAC and plumbing specialists in the southwest.

The Goettl brand has been one of the most impressive for almost a full century after being formed in the 1930 by brothers who had made their way to Arizona in a bid to find employment using their engineering skills during the Great Depression. Using skills first developed in Ohio, the Goettl brothers began making cooling units that would eventually become the first to be sold on a mass market level across the southwest of the U.S.

Recently, the company that once held more than 100 patents for HVAC units has been primarily focused on the development of its repair and servicing aspects of the business. Ken Goodrich hopes to make sure each and every client of Goettl has the same great customer service experience as the last; Goodrich went so far as to sign off on the work of individual technicians himself during the first years of his ownership of the brand.

The addition of Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air was described as routine as the Goettl name was seen as being as beneficial to the companies as it is to the historic brand. A series of mergers have recently taken place that have been developed to allow Goettl the chance to become one of the largest Las Vegas based HVAC specialists currently operating in the world famous city.