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Jason Hope – How to Thrive in the Tech Industry

Looking for ideas to build a startup? Jason Hope, a rising entrepreneur, shares some juicy tips and key insights that can help make you the next big hit of the technology industry. Stay tuned.

Marketing your way to success:

The one big thing that technology masterminds and trail blazers have in common is their love for communication. Finding potential investors will get the ball rolling. Jason Hope stresses the importance of social media and the right networking techniques to promote a brand new company. If you want your products to hit the shelves faster, marketing expertise is essential. To learn more: click here.

Healthy Habits:

In a world where statistics and results are a priority, leaders never lose sight of what truly matters – Physical well-being. John Hope utilizes fitness trackers to incorporate healthy habits into his daily life. These effective gadgets provide the necessary motivation to keep the mind and body in good shape.

Think Big:

When people embark on the journey of translating their glorious ideas into successful business, many times they get bogged down in details. They start strong but later lose sight of their main objective. John hope encourages thinkers to focus on the bigger picture so that they can stay on top of their goals. Cross the finish line!

An Arizona native, Jason Hope certainly made a splash in the tech industry. After receiving his degree in Finance from Arizona State University, Hope went on to graduate from W.P Carey School of Business at Arizona State with a degree in MBA.

Imbued with a humanitarian spirit, Jason Hope has donated to welfare organizations such as Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Boys and Girls Club and many others, making him an enterprising role model. By funding “Teach for America Phoenix”, Jason shows support for children’s education

Hope contributed to the SENS Foundation’s research, which is working to combat aging diseases, by donating $500,000.

This visionary thinker has faith that technology will bridge the gap between people. He promotes top fitness IoT gadgets. Jason Hope is also funding high school and college students who bring innovative ideas to the table!

How The Internet Influenced Advertising in Brazil

Before Internet, different types of advertising were limited to different mediums. Newspapers had the posters and the image ads. Classifieds had the text ads. Magazines had the color advertisement images. Some newspapers had that as well depending on the advertiser. There were also phone books that had advertising spaces for businesses in Brazil. It was when the Internet arrived and advanced enough that it became a one stop shop for advertising. People and businesses could do all the kinds of advertising that they do and compose an ad quickly thanks to the tools that are available over the Internet from software companies.

The Internet allows for many different types of advertisements on one medium. If the user wants, he could put together an online banner or button with a compelling image. The image has to have good use of colors and imagery, while at the same time being a representation of the product, service or company that he is trying to promote. He also has the choice of doing text ads which is where creativity also comes in to use colorful language for Brazilians. Video ads are also important for the user and yet they give the user plenty of room to advertise in that he could show others how to use the product and people being satisfied with the product. There is also audio only ads and other forms of advertising.

Masterful use of all forms of advertising are one of the ways that could maximize sales and profits for a company. There are advertisers that know how to use the different mediums for the profit of the business. Among the users is Claudio Loureiro of Heads Propaganda. Claudio knows the right combination of advertising for the product, business or service. He spends the right amount of money for each form of advertising across a multitude of mediums. He uses radio advertising, video advertising, Internet banners, buttons, posters for buildings, magazines and online.

There are literally hundreds of different ways to advertise in Brazil. Noticias said there are many free ways to advertise as well as paid advertising. A combination of both can go a long way towards making sales and profits for the business. All that is needed is for one to use his creativity in every form of advertising that he attempts. This is so that he attracts the right types of customers to his business and the products that are being offered.