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Felipe Montoro Jens Talks About The Reasons For Public Works Projects Being Frozen

Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry (CNI) conducted a study about paralyzed public works projects. Looking the study over, infrastructure projects expert Felipe Montoro Jens said that what stood out to him was that of the 2,796 projects that are frozen 517 of them, or 18.5 percent, are those related to infrastructure. As the taxpayers pay for these projects that means they have R $ 10.7 billion tied up in uncompleted projects that aren’t doing anyone any good.

Basic sanitation projects are the ones most affected by this phenomena, Felipe Montoro Jens says. This is followed up by highways, ports, railways, airports, waterway, and urban mobility work. He says that even simpler projects like building daycare centers or hospitals get abandoned midway through their being built. He says that smaller businesses take on these projects and, with an economic crisis going on, they can’t pay the bills and so shutdown mid-project. More about of Felipe at

There are a number of ways to correct this issue in the future. the CNI’s study said that six measures should be put in place. Among these are carrying out better micro-planning, giving teams more resources to complete projects, and write up more balanced contracts. However, Felipe Montero Jens says that a big issue is that his country doesn’t seem to ever be able to really learn from surveys and all of the monetary losses that occur.

Felipe Montero Jens says that there is some hope, though, that the country can learn from its mistakes. He says that the CNI study was just one of 43 documents about public works projects being abandoned. All 43 of these documents were handed over to every candidate that is in the running for the President of Brazil. Elections are being held in October and it is hoped that the new President will seriously address this issue.

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Jeff Yastine Practices What He Preaches

Banyan Hill Publishing has made it its mission to help out Americans who want to invest their money and gain a nice return on investment.

Let us face the reality. Most Americans who want to invest in stocks are doing so because they want a better financial future. They want to save up money for retirement. They want to be able to retire earlier. They want to save up money for a fund so that they can afford to send their kids to college. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

Most Americans who are interested in investing do not have the time and resources to spend on researching stocks all day. They do not have the energy to face losing their hard earned money to some stupid and silly mistake. They do not want to have to deal with the frustrations of what it takes to learn the ropes of investing. They already have to deal with the frustrations of dealing with kids and a family. They usually have full time jobs and can not do investing as a whole new full time job. However, if you want to be successful at investing, you really do need to treat it as a full time job.

That is what Banyan Hill Publishing is here for. Jeff Yastine and the other experts at Banyan Hill Publishing are putting out information week after week to educate the public in this country about the ins and outs of investing. Jeff Yastine and the others at Banyan Hill Publishing know the difficulties of investing in stocks and futures. That is why they work so hard on gathering the best information and advice to give out to the American public so that they can stay informed about the best ways to invest in the stock market. Visit to know more.

Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider, a publication that goes out every week to dozens of thousands of subscribers. They all eagerly await his advice about the latest happenings in the stock market. He has a well rounded education from a prestigious university.

Jeff Yastine works hard on his newsletter. He will not recommend a stock or financial plan until he has thoroughly investigated and researched the pros and cons, as well as the risks, of his recommendation. That is why you can rely on his advice. He tells you exactly which stocks he invests in himself.


Vijay Eswaran Shares Mediative Ideas in a Popular Book

Vijay Eswaran has become one of the most well noted authors when it comes to helping people that want to discover how they can improve their lives. He believes that meditation is the key to any type of lifestyle improvement.  Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

He believes that this may be the thing that takes people into a better area in their lives if they have never considered what it takes to build better relationships.

Eswaran is the author of a book called “In the Sphere of Silence.” This is where he gives people ideals about how they should pursue their goals through getting a clear focus on what they are trying to do. He believes that the only way that people can truly accomplish anything is by taking time to write down their goals. This gives them a solid state of mind about what they are trying to accomplish.  Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

They are no longer simply pipe dreaming because they have what they are trying to accomplish in writing. Once it is in writing it is going to be easier for people to take time to meditate and actually focus on a game plan to getting something done.

People that look at what Vijay Eswaran has done can be confident that he knows what he is talking about because he has done it so many times before. He has become one of the richest men in Asia, and there’s no coincidence about this.

He is a direct marketing leader of the QI Group, and he is also an accomplished author. He has written many books but “In the Sphere of Silence” may be one of his most important books on the concept of meditating. This is where he has been able to conceptualize just what it means to have a meditative mind when it comes to career and building better relationships with family members.

Vijay Eswaran is a man that knows how important it can be to take time and just remain silent when it comes to things that are going on in your life. He truly realizes what it takes to build a better life.

Madison Street Capital Helps Businesses Change Direction

Madison Street Capital functions as an investment firm that is able to operate on an international level. The company knows a lot about what they can do to help people and they consistently remain committed to the Madison Street Capital reputation so that they will be able to continue providing their services to other people. All of the things that they started to do gave them the opportunities that they needed and it was something that allowed them the chance to have a better experience since they were doing so much with their own businesses and with the things that they had helped other people out with. Learn more:

For Madison Street Capital to be able to do all of this, they had to make sure that they were offering people the chances that they needed to be successful. One company that they have done a lot of work with is Sterling Packaging. This is a company that is committed to providing services in the United States and Canada. They have come a long way as a business, but they still needed some guidance to ensure that they were going to be able to enjoy all of the different aspects of the packaging business.

While Madison Street Capital was helping them out, they found that they could do a lot to bring changes to the areas that they were in. They hoped that they would be able to show others what they needed to get out of these situations and what would make things better for each of their partners ( Madison Street Capital has always tried their hardest to ensure that the companies they work with are successful so that they don’t have to worry about all of the issues that are often associated with the business world. While Madison Street Capital is doing what they can to help their clients, they are also doing what they can to make positive investment choices for their firm.

All of this is in alignment with the values that Madison Street Capital has. The company has always been able to help people and they know that helping is a huge part of their business. They want to be able to give the best advice on banking and on investment opportunities. They know that they have the expert advice that will make a difference and they are consistently striving to be among the best in the business so that they can help other people out with their issues. Learn more: