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How EOS Created Retail Magic by Beginning With the Simplest of Products

Lip balm was once a basic product that was packaged in a simple tube and had very little variety. It was a necessary item that nearly everyone used at some point, but the effort put into its design, packaging and marketing was minimal. This was why EOS decided it was time for something new and a little more enticing to consumers. Their opinion was that people had the right to want something exciting and fun from even their most common health and beauty products.

To achieve this objective the company considered all of the ways they could make lip balm more interesting. They changed the shape from a tube to a pod to make it more appealing to the sight and touch. They created a variety of colors, scents and flavors to awaken the senses even more. The company chose to use only organic ingredients to meet the standards of a growing number of shoppers that want healthier options and they kept the price reasonable rather than inflating it the way many companies do with their designer products.

EOS lip balm was not part of a huge conglomeration. They were a small company now initiating a campaign that would put them in competition with some of the largest corporations in the world. This mean smart, cost-effective marketing. They chose product placement in videos by artists that were popular with millennials. They built an enormous social media presence. They partnered with other better-known companies to market their products together.

In just a few short years EOS (see: was able to transform their New York-based business from an unknown startup to well-defined company with an amazingly popular product. Magazines now have tests for teens to discover what flavor EOS lip balm they are, shopping websites like eBay include EOS flavor lists and YouTube users have posted videos of their EOS collections. The products are found in drug and department stores around the country and when a specific flavor is seen being used by the right celebrity – it is not uncommon for it to instantly sell out.