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Neurocore Has The Techniques Neccessary To Help The Brain Focus

Neurocore was established by Dr. Royer in 2004. The organization has been focusing on helping both adults and children with sleep, concentration and attention deficit disorders for nearly a decade. Neurocore has expanded and has locations throughout both Florida and Michigan. Neurocore provides a service referred to as brain function optimization. The needs of numerous individuals can be met with this service regardless of the status of their mental health. This potential is providing assistance for individuals in numerous fields such as sports. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Most people already understand the concept of reward based training. People and animals will respond when the results are positive. Most do not understand their changes in moods for no apparent reason. Neurocore understands this is due to the dependency of the brain on the production of mood altering chemicals. This changes the physical performance and mental state. The human brain will question anything that cannot be seen and accept what can. This is especially true with the subconscious. A good example is an athlete either in the zone or unable to keep their head in the game.

This concept is about mental preparation. When an athlete shows a poor performance, it is because instead of their brain being focused and calm it is in panic mode. This state of mind will lead to a continually poor performance. Dr. Royer provides an intense training program to teach the brain to remain in the zone by relaxing the conscious mind. This enables the subconscious memory to take control. When the brain is in overdrive, hormones and adrenaline are produced regardless of if they are required. This is often caused when athletes become stressed during competition. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Neurocore offers a truly innovative biofeedback program. The participant watches a movie and their electrical activity is monitored and fed to the software in control of the DVD player. If the software discerns the brain is calm, the movie will continue to play. If the mind starts focusing on too many different areas, the movie will stop. This provides the brain with more than 2,000 reinforcements in thirty minutes. The brain learns how to recover and focus at the highest level possible.