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My Family Members And I Switched To FreedomPop

After reading a very specific FreedomPop review, I can see why my family members have chosen this company. We all used to be on another wireless network, and in fact, I was on a family plan with several of my family members, but things didn’t work out. The price of the service got higher, the customer service quality got lower, and there was never enough data to go around because we only had a certain amount to split between the four of us. I took off and went to another wireless carrier, but everyone kept telling me that I should try FreedomPop.

I never read anything about my past service provider, that’s why I decided to read up on FreedomPop because I didn’t want any surprises. The only thing that surprised me is the fact that their prices for cell phone service was much lower than what we were paying under contract with the previous company. For only $20 each month, my family gets unlimited text messages, talk time, and data, so I couldn’t pass up the offer and decided to get it for myself. I was worried about which phone I would be able to use with the company but was happy to know that I could bring my current phone with me.

I paid a lot of money for my Samsung Galaxy Note, and I can use it with FreedomPop because it is unlocked. After completing my first day on FreedomPop’s network, I knew I wouldn’t go to any other service provider. I was very pleased with the service I was getting and couldn’t believe that the service had been around for so long without me knowing about it. I’m glad that my family turned me on to FreedomPop because the other company I chose was about to have me sign a two-year contract.

With FreedomPop, there are no contracts that I have to sign to get cell phone service. I can cancel my service with them when I want to, but I don’t see why I would because their services are great. Another big thing that got my attention is the Wi-Fi service, which comes in handy when I’m going out and need to use Wi-Fi on a tablet or other portable device. FreedomPop provides a Wi-Fi service that only costs five dollars for the month and gives me unlimited access to 4G LTE data at millions of hotspots.

FreedomPop will launch a revolutionary new idea in Spain

The Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), FreedomPop, which offers SIM cards with mobile service plans at no cost, has announced they will have a zero-rated access to WhatsApp, as reported in VentureBeat. The company will launch this service in Spain, and will offer free access to the messaging application WhatsApp, even if the user has no remaining mobile data.

FreedomPop’s services offers free text messages, mobile data and also talk time to people who need more than what is usually offered by their mobile provider. FreedomPop was launched in 2011 in Los Angeles and operates in all the United States, and has plans to expand globally. It started its operations in the United Kingdom in September 2015 and is also present in Spain, which represents FreedomPop’s third market.

Whatsapp has sought for partnerships with different operators around the world, but it has been controversial in some countries and less pronounced in Europe, with the exception of the partnership with the German mobile network, E-plus in 2014. But FreedomPop’s new launch is Spain is completely different, since they are not partnered with Facebook or WhatsApp. Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop’s CEO, explains to VentureBeat that the Spanish launch is important since it is not a formal partnership, but rather embraces WhatsApp organically without having Facebook to push it. Aside, FreedomPop will offer its users a free package of 200 minutes, 200 text messages and also 200MB of data, and Stokols hopes this will attract paying customers in all markets. FreedomPop’s COO and Cofounder, Steven Sesar, explains that they are creating a new business model which uses WhatsApp’s success by covering their data bill and offering another attractive features to FreedomPop’s users, and they will enter Spain since around 70% of its mobile consumers use WhatsApp and depend on it for messaging. Another benefit for FreedomPop users from the U.S., U.K. and soon Spain is that it will offer free roaming in 31 countries, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Italy and others, and will soon be expanding globally by the end of 2016 through partnerships or by entering the market with new models.

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The Benefit of Using FreedomPop

It is not an uncommon fact that switching mobile carriers can be an issue as it is sometimes not cost effective in both time as well as with money. Those who want to switch mobile carrier services often have good reason to due to either terrible customer service, the cost, as well as the lack of 4G. Though it seems like it is almost impossible to deactivate a mobile carrier contract, it has recently been reported by Lifehacker that there are have been recent updates in new ways to terminate a mobile carrier contract with the help of the new mobile carrier.

The new updated plans among mobile carriers is to offer what is called an ETF. This ETF stands for Early Termination Fee. This early determination fee depends on where one is at in regards to the contract as well as how much more is left to pay off from a mobile bill that can vary from just one bill to hundreds of dollars of bills. In order to figure out the best possible mobile carrier, it is best to compare the offered services with regards to the Early Termination Fee. Though mobile carrier services change over time, some of the current offers include:

  • Verizon: $300 worth of credit for trading in the old phone
  • AT&T: $300 in credit for turning in the old phone
  • Sprint: This company completely pays off the old phone bill
  • T-Mobile: This company pays off the entire old phone contract

When looking for new mobile carriers, keep in mind that one of the simplest ways to switch over is with the use of offered credit. This credit is exchanged for only trading in the old phone from the prior mobile carrier. The credit can be used to pay off old phone bills.

When looking at the best mobile carrier, one of the best mobile carriers is called FreedomPop. This company offers free services to the customer in exchange for a small signup fee. These offered free services include free messaging, free voice minutes, as well as free data.

Though this company is only three years old, this mobile carrier has already spread to the international level. Thanks to the CEO and founder, Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop will continue to offer free services in order to create the best mobile carrier for consumers who are on a budget.

FreedomPop offers Nations only Free Cell Phone Plan

The mobile phone market has exploded over the past few years, and even more so options among mobile phone plans and pricing have given way to great variety in the marketplace. Even with all of the competition, cell phone plans can still be a bit pricey. FreedomPop seemingly has an answer for this as originally reported On Android Authority. FreedomPop offers the nations only free cell phone plan. The free plan includes 500 texts, 200 voice minutes, and 500MB of data. All you have to do is purchase a-preowned phone, currently a Motorola Moto E (2nd gen)at $49.99. Even though the phone is pre-owned they stand by their certified equipment with a 30 day money back guarantee. If this plan isn’t suitable and you need more there are other teirs or options that may peak your interest. FreedomPop on facebook offers a $10.99 plan that includes unlimited voice and text with 500MB of data and a $19.99 plan that includes 1GB of data along with unlimited talk and text. FreedomPop also includes the option for a “premium plus” service offering visual voicemail, premium voice quality,wireless tethering,support for MMS(video/picture messaging), and data rollover. If you can’t decide on a plan FreedomPop will allow you to try their 1GB, unlimited talk and text plan for a free 30 day trial period, Which at any time can be switched to the 100 percent free plan.