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Memoir Continues The Story Of Yeonmi Park

North Korean defector Yeonmi Park has released on Amazon Books her memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” in her bid to continue her fight to bring freedom to those she left behind in the Communist country. Park has spent the last few years since finding her way from North Korean across a freezing river into China to make her way to democratic South Korea.

The writing of her memoir has acted as the latest step in highlighting the issues of abuse seen in North Korea, which are detailed in Park’s book in all their reality. Yeonmi Park‘s book explains the fact that starvation and a loss of human rights can be seen in all areas of North Korean society and is not limited to those at lower levels of society within the country. The memoir brings to life the harrowing escape the Park family undertook to find freedom in South Korea and resulted in the death of her father when his cancer was left untreated as a refugee.

Yeonmi was born into a family with apparent privilege within North Korea as her father had risen to a government position; despite the powerful position her father occupied Yeonmi Park found herself facing starvation and mind control on a regular basis. Following her father’s decision to use the black market to provide food for his family he was sentenced to a period of hard labor that saw the rest of his family fall to homelessness. At this point, Park and her family decided the time had come to risk their lives in a bid for freedom in democratic South Korea.

After making her way to freedom Yeonmi Park has become one of the most impressive and well respected human rights activists of the YoungVoicesAdvocates and in the world. Although she is still a student Park has made her way around the world to appear in different countries to make sure the issues facing people in North Korea remain high on the list of media outlets and world leaders.