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Clay Hutson’s Business Success

Clay Hutson is a business owner who focuses on organizing events and providing services for musicians. He is an audio engineer and had enrolled in courses on theater design back in Nashville and has earned a degree from Central Michigan University.


He found a job in the live music companies where he was successful in being a project manager. He has his own company whose work is to produce, design and take charge of concerts.


He has landed many jobs mostly in the rock music genre having being tasked to provide services for artists like Kid Rock, Pink and also Guns N’ Roses. Clay Hutson has been involved in many tours having worked for various bands in such events.


In 2005 he served as a monitor engineer to the group Garbage. This would see him travel across Australia, Europe, and America in the Bleed Like Me tour. He has also worked with OneRepublic in a trip called the Honda Civic Tour.


Here he was tasked with operating their automatic rigging system. When asked about his reasons for starting his own business, he responded by saying that there was a decline in economic activity on the part of his employer which motivated him to leave and start his private company.


He had acquired a wide range of skills that would help him in the market from the previous jobs he had done. Clay stated that his talents are what gave him the confidence to proceed with making his firm despite the risks involved.


In his job, Clay Hutson at times develops new set and audio designs. He comes up with many ideas and uses his experience in the field to distinguish the realistic ones from those who are unattainable.


He relies mainly on computer-aided design and is most careful when considering dimensions for his set. Clay Hutson is a dedicated business person. He continually works for long hours and is very hardworking.


He is also known to take keen note on details in his business. These practices have enhanced his reputation among his employers. This encourages them to recommend him to other musicians in need of such services. This is a way in which he gets new clients.


For his business to be successful, Clay checks for errors in his work repetitively making sure not to lower the quality of his employer’ performances. He also does proper planning and is always thoroughly prepared.


In preparing for a return, Clay likes to reach the venue early in the day. He explores it carefully considering how to set up the stage. He then develops his list of tasks for the day. Learn more: