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Edgar Sosa signed by the Hawks

The NBA season is rapidly approaching, and many fans are extremely excited about the fact that many teams are heading into training camp. One of the most exciting teams for fans across the league has got to be the Atlanta Hawks.
Last year, the Atlanta Hawks were the surprise of the league. Over the course of the last year the team went from being projected to be one of the worst teams in the league, to being a powerhouse. This team was built up by Bruce Levenson over the course of a decade, and last season they had an amazing season. This team won the East during the regular season, and in the playoffs they drove all the way to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.
The team is sure to be an extremely exciting team this year, and this year starts with the Atlanta Hawks training camp. The team recently announced that they were going to add several important names to their roster for the training camp. These names will help the Hawks as they prepare for the future of the team.
One of the biggest names to emerge out of the line up that the Hawks signed for training camp is Edgar Sosa. The Hawks signed him to a camp deal on Friday. Edgar Sosa is an extremely talented basketball player and he is sure to be an extremely talented camp player for the Hawks. Edgar played for the Louisville Cardinals for four years. He had a wonderful career, but the defining moment of his career was the NCAA tournament in 2007. During this tournament, Edgar put up 31 points during a game, which helped the Cardinals have a fantastic run in the tournament. During his time at Louisville, Edgar played with Earl Clark and Derrick Caracter, two former NBA players.
Edgar should be an extremely capable training camp body for the Atlanta Hawks. He has bounced around the NBA for years. He also had the opportunity to play for several summer league teams. During his journey, he was considered to be one of the hardest working players in the league.
Edgar should help build a winner for the Hawks this year. The Hawks are sure to be a contender just as they were during the past year. This team was extremely successful, because it was put together by one of the smartest owners in the league. Bruce Levenson of was able to transform the Hawks from a perennial loser into one of the best teams in the league. He did this by hiring some of the best front office staff in the league. While Levenson was always extremely proud of his franchise, last year he decided it was time to sell. He received $700 million for the franchise, and he left behind a wonderful legacy.