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The Chainsmokers Takes Fans Insider of Their Creative Process

Chainsmokers have managed to become one of the most popular groups around. They have managed to gain this type of popularity because they are known for producing one hit after another. This duo has managed to captivate the audience that is into the EDM music. They have also managed to gain a bit of crossover appeal by sometimes adding low base driven elements to their sound.

For their latest video, “Somebody” they made it possible for people to see what goes on in the production process. A lot of producers that are up-and-coming want to make a name for themselves so they are interested in what is happening in the world of super producers like the Chainsmokers.

This duo does not fit what typically looks like a rockstar Duo, but they have mastered the art of looping beats and creating a dance worthy sound that resonates with the millennial generation. This duo also happens to have great songwriting talent as well. This stellar songwriting ability has allowed them to gain access to other singers, mostly females, that are featured on their tracks. This allows them to gain an audience that may not necessarily have known about The Chainsmokers. When they produced tracks for others they had the ability to take their sound and give it to other artists that have already established themselves. This is how The Chainsmokers became big in the industry in the beginning.

They essentially found a way to market themselves with a a lot of different artists, and this gave them the ability to gain mainstream success.

More people are checking out The Chainsmokers because this group is now making more music for themselves. They are still producing for others, but they take great pride in building their own careers as musicians themselves. This is why they are taking their fans behind the scenes. This is why they are dissecting and giving people a front row seat into the start to finish production process for their music. It makes the fans feel closer to this duo, and this gives them a chance to tell their story.

Clay Hutson’s Business Success

Clay Hutson is a business owner who focuses on organizing events and providing services for musicians. He is an audio engineer and had enrolled in courses on theater design back in Nashville and has earned a degree from Central Michigan University.


He found a job in the live music companies where he was successful in being a project manager. He has his own company whose work is to produce, design and take charge of concerts.


He has landed many jobs mostly in the rock music genre having being tasked to provide services for artists like Kid Rock, Pink and also Guns N’ Roses. Clay Hutson has been involved in many tours having worked for various bands in such events.


In 2005 he served as a monitor engineer to the group Garbage. This would see him travel across Australia, Europe, and America in the Bleed Like Me tour. He has also worked with OneRepublic in a trip called the Honda Civic Tour.


Here he was tasked with operating their automatic rigging system. When asked about his reasons for starting his own business, he responded by saying that there was a decline in economic activity on the part of his employer which motivated him to leave and start his private company.


He had acquired a wide range of skills that would help him in the market from the previous jobs he had done. Clay stated that his talents are what gave him the confidence to proceed with making his firm despite the risks involved.


In his job, Clay Hutson at times develops new set and audio designs. He comes up with many ideas and uses his experience in the field to distinguish the realistic ones from those who are unattainable.


He relies mainly on computer-aided design and is most careful when considering dimensions for his set. Clay Hutson is a dedicated business person. He continually works for long hours and is very hardworking.


He is also known to take keen note on details in his business. These practices have enhanced his reputation among his employers. This encourages them to recommend him to other musicians in need of such services. This is a way in which he gets new clients.


For his business to be successful, Clay checks for errors in his work repetitively making sure not to lower the quality of his employer’ performances. He also does proper planning and is always thoroughly prepared.


In preparing for a return, Clay likes to reach the venue early in the day. He explores it carefully considering how to set up the stage. He then develops his list of tasks for the day. Learn more:


Alex Pall Realizing his Music Dreams

With smash hits such as “Roses”, “Don’t Let me Down”, and the recently released “Closer” featuring fellow indie pop artist Halsey. Alex Pall, one half of up and coming indie pop band, The Chainsmokers. It’s interesting to note the humble beginnings that sprouted this unique musician. Starting out as a DJ in New York City, music was a hobby Alex was passionate for. After realizing his potential at a local art gallery, the Westchester native took to his current manager, and shortly thereafter met fellow bandmate Anderew Taggart.

Sharing the same drive and ambition, the two hit it off, determined to bring about a new type of music, and a brand new name for themselves. The “Closer” singer looked at this project as more than just a job, but a whole new experience as far as performing went. Blending styles such as synthpop and electriconica, the goal was to create a unique style that audience could relate to on a deeper level. A sound that people could listen and jam to, but also connect with lyrically.

At this stage in their career, the duo are at a point where the sound and where there headed is all that matters. Their not exactly looking to make a record composed of several new ideas, but rather a cohesive album that illustrates the image of EDM the band has painted. As far as their fanbase goes, Pall thanks social media, especially Instagram for being able to tie every fan out there right back to him. With fanclubs stretching as far north as Iceland and Norway, to Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand in the Southeast. Each latest hit managing to pull the group higher and higher on the Billboards top 100 list.

With shows ranging from New York, to Las Vegas, the duo continue to chart in countries worldwide, bringing about their original style to the millions with each passing day. For some the duo may come off as just another music group, but for others, the duo have become a staple in the world of EDM music

Some Info On One Of The Greatest Business Leaders In Chicago

There are numerous businessmen and businesswomen in the city of Chicago, Illinois. However, only a select few businesspeople ever make it into the ranks of the greatest businesspeople in the city. These businesspeople have had great success with the business(s) they are involved in. Furthermore, many businessmen and businesswomen look up to these business leaders for inspiration. Those in the business world, including small businesses owners, often are able to gain insights on how to better run their business from people who have risen to the top of the business world.

The business leaders of Chicago got their starts in varying ways. The products and/or services are all different. The marketing strategies that they used are also varied. However, there are some tips and tricks that most people in the business world can all learn from them. Some of them built their business from the ground up, whereas others worked their way up the ladder of an already existing business. Either approach certainly requires lots of hard work and expertise.

One type of business that can become very successful is the investment industry. These business work with individuals and/or corporations to assist them in successfully investing. These types of businesses are typically responsible for large amounts of money, and the leaders of these businesses have an expertise in finances and investments. Since Chicago is a major metropolitan area, there are a number of different investment related businesses in the Chicago area. Thus, there are a number of different Chicago business leaders who work in this sector. Some examples of Chicago investment businesses include Geller Investment Company, Northern Trust, and Ziv Investment. However, there are quite a few more investment companies located within the city of Chicago. Some of the leaders of these businesses got to where they are by working their way up in an already existing company.

One example of a successful business leader in Chicago is Majeed Ekbal. He is an example of an individual who built a business from the ground up, and his business reached great levels of success. He founded and currently owns a corporation that specializes in investments. The name of this company is Ekbal Investment Corporation, and it is located in the city of Chicago. The company was first started in 1991, so it has been around for quite some time. Ekbal’s business expertise and hard work is something that business owners everywhere can learn from and look up to.