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Dogs Might Be Able to Teach People a Thing or Two About Taste

Food has always been an important consideration for people. But different times have brought different views of it. This might well be one of the reasons why it’s often such big news. It’s not at all uncommon for food news to be placed quite highly within a news agencies priorities. But this interest in food is often not limited to one’s own plate. In fact, a report in the Daily Herald discusses a food trend that’s occurring in a surprising place. And that’s the dog’s food bowl. The article looks into the fact that it’s becoming increasingly popular for dog food companies to drastically ramp up the quality of their ingredients and their recipes. This results in scenes that would have been shocking not too long ago. Such as high powered executives stopping a tour for a minute to take a bite of their dog food company’s product. Or the fact that another dog food company is working with an ad campaign that highlights the fact that they’re using recipes for dog food that’s based on human favorites such as lasagna. But these types of high quality offerings on Amazon aren’t as new as many people would assume. In fact, one of the most venerable of the high quality dog food brands dates all the way back to 2001. The high quality dog food brand Beneful was founded on the ideal of providing health benefits through great food. And like many chefs before them, they noticed something while working with the ingredients. A dedication to fresh and organic ingredients also impacts the taste of a meal. Beneful quickly discovered that as they perfected their recipes it wasn’t just becoming healthier and healthier. The meals were also becoming more and more delicious to the dogs. It isn’t simply about taste either. Humans have far less acute senses than a dog, and even people love the feeling of really chewing their food. For a dog that feeling of juices gushing out of a delectable bit of meat or even healthy veggies is of vital importance. And one can simply open up a container of Beneful to see how careful the company is to preserve the natural shapes and textures of the ingredients.