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Education System with a difference-Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education now celebrates their ten years in existence since they opened their doors in a church in San Jose, California. The ten years have been a success to the education facility as well as the communities they serve. Even though they count it as a success, the education institution mentioned that they are still learning how to conduct themselves in the sector. Listed below are ten things that Rocketship has learned since their inception.

  1. Honor the power of parents: the facility provides elementary education, and they have had the responsibility to make the parents accountable, as they create leadership programs which help the parents to have their voices on political issues, help the public education to prosper as well as holding other leaders accountable.
  2. Create more demand to change the system: the institution is founded on proving elementary education, and their partners, as well as parents, have encouraged them to build a k-12 system which is tempting to the facility. The main purpose of Rocketship is to create a difference as they transform the public education system.
  3. Personalized learning starts at home: during the establishment of the institution, it craped a lot of public attention due to their system of education. They have remained loyal to supporting technology as well as student agency.

Rocketship Education was established in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. In 2007 the education facility launched their first school in San Jose California. The school gained a lot of praise which may be the reason why it expanded tremendously and opened six other institutions in San Jose region. In 2013 the management of the group changed with John Danner leaving the organization and Preston being appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the Education Center.

Rocketship Education is an elementary education facility which is founded on a strong mission which is catalyzed transformative change in low-income society through a maintainable and ascendable public school model that is responsible for the student’s accomplishment. The vision of the education group is to eradicate the achievement gap in life. Their values are as strong as their mission and vision. Rocketship was created with values which are superiority, genuineness, firmness, invention, as well as the community.