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Super Star Maker, Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez, is one of the biggest hustlers and most powerful woman that you can find in the music world. In an industry where men tend to run the show, Desiree Perez has proven herself to be a valuable asset and guiding hand behind many of the rising superstars. Her hard work and business savvy help run things behind the scenes of music’s biggest stars. She may go unnoticed to the crowds who attend music’s hottest concerts. But it doesn’t take much for stars like Rhianna to take notice when Desiree Perez enters the room.

Perez is the chief operating officer of Roc Nation. Roc Nation is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. Established in 2008 they have built a business dedicated to working with recording artist and songwriters. Working the business side of the music industry, they build brands, manage artist, and promote concerts and tours for some of the largest names in the business.

Desiree Perez has had a career strung with a long line of success. Desiree has been credited for negotiating the twenty five million dollar Samsung collaboration. This collaboration helped to promote, Rhianna’s, Anti tour. Perez has quickly become one of the members of Rhianna’s inner circle and a trusted business advisor. Perez will be by her side as Rhianna continues to climb her way into superstardom in music, movies and in commercials as a model. The guidance that Desiree Perez gives her in the coming years will prove to take Rhianna’s career to even greater heights.

Desiree Perez’s career in the music industry hasn’t always been as charmed as it may appear. She has learned through the ups and downs of the industry and considers herself stronger for it. Although Perez doesn’t consider herself a superstar, her efforts on behalf of stars like Rhianna prove that she is a star in her own right.

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Equities First Holding

In the UK you may have heard of Equities First Holding. If a man was present and raised his child/children, the generational coping patterns were very present. Slavery also affected woman of color as well. If your ancestors had a traumatic life altering life long experience, then your roots would be from a different soil. This does mean that you could not dream the same dreams as somebody who has roots that were from green pastures. It just means that you would be trained to approach those dreams differently. This includes the dream of having a family.

BABY’S DADDY, just says it out loud. it is so ” I don’t f*ck with YOU! Not personal at all, like a husband, or even a lover. Hell, a boyfriend sounds better than that.

Samuel Strauch On The Use Of Bitcoin As a Means Of Buying Real Estate Property

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency that is in use today. Currently, bitcoin is trading at over $7000. It is gaining acceptance as a means of trading all over the world. Various industries are also trying to embrace bitcoin as a means of buying and selling items. One of the industries that have accepted bitcoin as a means of exchange is the real estate industry. Investors in the industry have started accepting bitcoin as a way of buying g or selling real estate property. Bitcoin offers numerous advantages to the people who are using it for transactions. Transacting huge amount of money with bitcoin is possible. It is a fast way of sending and receiving money.

Miami real estate industry is one industry that has accepted bitcoin as a means of exchange. There are people of various origins in Mimi. Miami remains number one destinations for people who would like to buy prime real estate property. The diverse people who live in Miami make bitcoin to have a high probability of being accepted in the market.


One of the homeowners in Miami who has accepted to sell his property for bitcoins is Mike Komaransky. He put up his house in Coral Gables up for sale for $6.5 million and was ready to accept bitcoin as the means of exchange. He hoped that the eventual buyer could do it in bitcoin. Mike opines that bitcoin as a means of exchange carries less risk than the traditional means of payment.

Mike says that although he belongs to a small group of people who are ready to accept bitcoin as a way of trading, the number is expected to go up in the future. As bitcoin becomes widely accepted, real estate agents and investors are expected to get on board according to

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a player in the real estate industry in Miami. He is also the principal of real estate Company known as Metrik Real Estate. Samuel Strauch is a holder of business administration degree from the Hofstra University. He then joined the Harvard University and later Erasmus University.

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Jason Halpern Takes Pride in his Work, as well as his Support for Charitable Causes

Jason Halpern is a real estate developer and the third generation of his family to join the industry. The Halpern’s have built many apartments for residential living in Westchester County, as well as New York City, New York, along with commercial space in Westchester County. Halpern is the founder and managing partner of JMH Development.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Halpern has taken his unique development experience, as well as vision and led JMH Development in the acquisition and development of various properties including significant landmark buildings. Mr. Halpern and his team are experienced in all phases of development including property acquisition, construction and property management.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft Property

Halpern is also passionate about buildings with historic significance. It is important to build a rapport with the city he works in and is sensitive to the historic aspects of that city. One of the guiding principles for the team at JMH Development is to maintain respect for the community. It is respect that helps to bind the development and the people together as they both work to make every project successful and something both sides can be proud of.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

Jason Halpern is also very supportive of several charitable causes in his community that are near and dear to his heart. He is close to the Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center named for Joel A. Halpern. The facility is a Level One Center that offers the reattachment of severed limbs, orthopedic surgery, emergency neurosurgery and open heart surgery. The trauma center also provides care for children, pregnant women, those with multiple internal injuries and burn victims.

Jason’s Own Time

Halpern has also brought philanthropy and charitable support to the workplace. Through JMH Development, for example, Halpern initiated a partnership with a non-profit charity delivering clean water. The company donates a portion of every signed contract for the residential development at Three Hundred Collins project in Miami. The donation helps to fund clean water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia.

Jason’s Family

It is important work within his community, as well as the world to provide some measure of success to others, as he has experienced through his work. His philanthropy helps to strengthen community ties and help to build a stronger foundation for all.


Buying a New Home in Brazil From Construcap

Buying a new home is an exciting process for many people. There are a lot of things to take into consideration before you buy a home. Construcap can help you during that process. Not only do they have a lot of experience in this area, but they are willing to go the extra mile in doing so. Construcap is a great company that takes the wishes of customers in mind over the long term on This is why the company has done so well in recent years. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to working with this company in buying a home in the future.


If you want to work with a company that has a lot of knowledge in the real estate industry, Construcap is the perfect solution for you. A lot of people want to work with a company that can help them make the right decision. With the real estate market moving quickly in Brazil, a lot of people are worried about missing out in the market on YouTube. There are many buyers who are looking to purchase a home, and there is simply not enough inventory in a lot of areas to satisfy the needs of the people there. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, this is a great company to work for.

Final Thoughts

Over the long term, buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you can make on It is important to make wise investments into the future so that you can grow your wealth. There are a lot of buyers who are working with Construcap right now, simply because they have a lot of knowledge in the real estate market. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, this is the way to go. A lot of people are excited about buying a new home in this hot real estate market. You can take advantage of the market as well.


A recent article on Devco, published at the Press of Atlantic City, presented readers with the problem of unpaid loans. These unpaid loans have brought into question the viability and effectiveness of Devco to complete the project that it has taken on and the company’s ability to fully repay the loan. State laws were even put in place by Governor Chris Christy “barring state agencies from giving loans, grants and other subsidies to businesses, including nonprofits, that have defaulted on state-issued loans and bonds” (Kramer). As the project continues the company is hopeful that this will become a “money-earner” and will reach their goal. Financial arrangements have been made to complete said project according to the article that can be found at

Devco is a non-profit organization that thrives on redeveloping cities in order to create new opportunities. The company on was founded in the 1970’s and continues to find new ways to grow current urban cities. The company is based out of New Jersey. New Brunswick Devco has won many awards including: 2008 and 2012 Smart Growth Award, 2007 ULI Northern NJ Chapter – Project of the Year, 2005 Design Concepts award and many more. Apart from its many prestigious awards, Devco has also made the news with headlines such as “Urban Legends”, which highlighted two very important employees. Devco has had the opportunity on pressofatlanticcity in not only creating large buildings, but small ones as well including grocery stores.

Town Residential and the Real Estate Business

As one of the leading teams for residential properties in NYC luxury real estate Town Residential recognizes the importance of a good market in the city for both the residents and the real estate teams. They are one of the leaders and have worked hard throughout the neighborhoods of Manhattan and in the other boroughs to ensure that the residents are happy with what is available to them. They are a luxury firm and focus on apartments and other real estate in the city that allow their clients to have everything they want out of their apartment.

The rising market of New York City has made it very easy for the real estate companies, like Town Residential, to do their business. The market has increased drastically in all of the neighborhoods. It has risen in every residential area and has had dramatic increases in some of the areas. The market has only come down in some aspects, among those the absorption rate was included. This is due to the fact that there was minimal absorption due to the finishing and signing off on some of the best new developments. The absorption was much higher in other months due to people moving into these developments.

Town Residential has one of the biggest and best teams in the luxury real estate industry of New York. The team leaders as well as supporting team members have worked to create new opportunities, give potential residents exactly what they want and make a spot for improvement among the areas they service. They work within several different neighborhoods in Manhattan and have proven that they are able to sell some of the best and finest real estate out of the area that they are in. They are an important factor in the luxury property market in New York City.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when looking at the market of New York City each quarter. These include the price of properties per square foot, the number of people who move into the properties on a quarterly basis and the retention rate of these apartments. When the market begins to rise in New York City’s boroughs, it often does not rise in just one of these areas, but becomes better in each of the areas. This allows the real estate market to improve in a way that encompasses all of the different sectors of the market.