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Why Is Lightning Research In Venezuela So Important?

A New York Times report details lightning research that is happening around Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. There is lightning there nearly 300 days a year, and the lightning is part of a lake effect system that is opening up research angles for scientists like Danilo Diaz Granados. There are millions of people killed every year by weather, and studying the systems over the lake should shed light on how weather forms every year.

Scientist Danilo Diaz explains the lightning over the lake is common to the people who live there, and they are used to seeing up to 200 strikes a minute during a major storm. The scientists there are trying to learn why the lightning strikes so much, and they also want to know how it impacts the people who live in the area. Lightning strikes can be devastating, and it is very hard for people to recover. The scientists in the area want to learn as much as they can about the lightning, and they want to apply that knowledge to other areas they are studying. Everyone who is on the shore of the lake is learning something new every day.

The dangerous storms of Lake Maracaibo are a boon for the people who are there studying the weather, and the people who come away with new findings can save lives around the world. Weather research is important, and it is now going forward in Venezuela more than any other country in the world.