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Eucatex Innovations in the World of Furniture

Flavio Maluf is one of Brazil’s finest when it comes to investments and entrepreneurship. He is one of the greatest minds behind the success of Eucatex, a wood products company in Brazil. Maluf’s skill in business has impressed many of his admirers and colleagues in the industry. He has moved up the scales in business to become one of the greatest businessman in the country and a public figure for that matter. Being the current president and CEO of Eucatex, a lot that has been going on in the company can only be rightfully attributed to him. Although he is a son of an influential ex-politician and reputed businessman, Maluf has single handedly built his own reputation in the industry through his hard work and creativity.

Under Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex has experienced some of the greatest milestones in its history. The company has won the hearts of many Brazilian nationals through its support and direct investment in sustainable production. The company is a number one conservationist and it has been involved in several national conservation campaigns supporting in both ideologies as well as in financial sponsorship. The company has pursued a constant sustainability plan in an effort to lead the industry in the sustainability call to save the ecosystem. Nonetheless, the company has not compromised on the quality of its products, which is its main selling advantage.

Some of the remarkable products that the company produces include its legendary Laminate Floors, vinyl flooring, and Floors Fiartex. For the laminate floors, the company has come up with a technology that beast the odds, the 100% reforested wood. This products is well built with the Bacterban protection technology which give the company a great touch of quality. To minimize on the use of timber and ultimately the destruction of trees, the company has the Vinyl Flooring product that is a100% PVC. One of the greatest advantages of this particular product is the fact that it is very easy to install.

Noticias said that when it comes to grooming events with the recent technology in the world of ambiance, Eucatex has it all figure out. The company’s Floors Fiartex is a product that improves the ambiance and display of events and fairs. This product us very popular among corporate and event organizers who have experienced its benefits first hand. Eucatex strives to make the world a better place by avoiding the destruction of the environment by creating new products using alternative materials. However, the quality of its products is not compromised at all by the new inventions.