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Why Did Securus Technologies Start A Prison Paperwork Clearinghouse?

Securus is a breakthrough company that is helping people handle all the communications they could ever do with a prison. They started out as a company that helps people place phone calls to a prison, but they also have set up a video system that is used to help people make sure they can place calls to jails in the simplest way possible. They want to give everyone who is calling a jail a chance to reach out to their friends and family, but they are also a company that wants to help people file paperwork to the jail.

Securus has a database of forms that all people can use when they need to send them to the jail. Every state and every jail has their own forms, and that is why people like me need to go to Securus to get the forms that they need. That means that they can download the forms and send them in to the prison when it is time. I have seen people use the Securus site, and that is where I got the idea to file a couple complaints of my own. I was upset, but I did not know that I could do anything about it.

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Everyone who wants to be sure that they can file their grievances against a jail needs to check Securus for help. They can also make video calls using the Securus system, and that is very important for people who need to see their loved ones. Everyone who is in jail does not want to be forgotten, and the Securus system helps them stay in touch. They can ask family to get the forms from the website, and it helps them to feel safe. Securus handles all the communications that a family must do with a local prison.

Securus Technologies Is Keeping Things Straight

Securus Technologies is a company that gives criminal justice technology solutions. This is a company that prides itself on working for public safety. They perform investigations that have shed light on a lot of fraudulent companies. Recently Securus Technologies published an article on their website about a company called Global Tel Link. Global Tel Link is a company that gives telephonic solutions to many institutions in the state of Louisiana. They had complaints made against them about fraudulent activities that came to light because of Securus Technologies. Global Tel Link had been involved in unlawful and unauthorized behavior. Global Tel Link had be able to prove that Global Tel Link was charging these correctional facilities a rate that was higher than the amount that was permitted. Global Tel Link was adding an additional 15 or 36 seconds to the end of each call in order to get more money from these institutions. Global Tel Link was found to bill a single call more than once, and by doing this they were getting double payment from these facilities.

Even though a few seconds may not seem like that much time, these practices have been going on ever since 1998. Since that is the case, the taxpayers of Louisiana are the ones who are getting overcharged. The investigation found that in total Global Tel Link has cost the citizens of Louisiana about $1,243,000.

It is sad to see that this company was able to wreak havoc on these correctional systems for so many years. Their tactics were dishonest, but they helped them to reach their goal of getting more money out of the system. It is good to know that there are faithful companies such as Securus Technologies that are established to monitor fraudulent activities by these companies. There is no doubt that they will get there just desserts for the injustices that they had caused to the Louisiana correctional facilities.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.