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Business Entrepreneur and Consultant, Darius Fisher Continues to be a Success

Status Labs President and co-founder, Darius Fisher is the person to go to when you’re in an online situation that you just seem to get out of. He is an expert in digital marketing, online reputation management, and public relations. Status Lab has been in business since 2011 with offices in Sao Paulo and New York. To date, Status Labs serves over 1,500 clients in 35 countries. Darius Fisher helps others to make their name in search engines to be polished. The fellow native New Yorker was previously a copywriter and political consultant but now helps people with their online disputes.

A graduate from Vanderbilt University, Fisher earned a bachelor’s of science in Economics. His previous work experience includes being a copywriter at Agora Publishing. Fisher has brought in 20 million in revenue by investing in very successful companies. Fisher has also helped other Fortune 500 brands, athletes, as well as CEOS and other public figures. Fisher has been able to build partnerships with several agencies. Fisher continues to be on top and will continue with much more success and continues to help others clean up their name in google search results. Here is his take on how to clean your name and reputation from online.

The first thing to do is search for your name under a logged out browser. By logging out you will be able to see what others see when they search your name. Next is to make sure that any problem that you see once your name has appeared is removed. If there are any negative reviews of you, make sure to remove them. To start a clean state, it is best to develop new content that you want out. New content can be anything from a personal site, buy a domain name or even build a basic resume website. Remember, Google always likes to see new material so make sure to update your content every now and again.

Today’s society is all about social networking. It is imperative that you have all social accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube. Keep track of what you post and update often. You also want to make sure that you watch for data brokers who take information from you and create profiles of you without your permission. Keep your personal information private so that data brokers don’t create a profile in your name. Lastly, be proactive about getting information you want removed. Reach out to website administrators on how they can take down photos from their website. If in violation, of state laws you could take legal action against the website.