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Freedom Checks Are Offering Something Special That Most Investments Don’t

Matt Badiali has been trying to let investors know about the benefits of Freedom Checks for some time now. Investors who paid attention and got in on them are now receiving some nice payouts. It is estimated that more than $34 billion will be paid to people who took the leap. While Freedom Checks are not a paid out by the United States government, they are real. Some investors are already cashing in on payments that are larger than anything they could receive from social security. They are not a scam or some other kind of sketchy scheme, and this fact is finally coming to light. Visit the website to learn more.

While it is true that the way that Freedom Checks have been advertised has led to many believing that its the government who is paying them out, they actually require people to make an investment. To make a lot of money with them, investors also need to make ongoing investments. What they actually are is something called Master Limited Partnerships, which are also referred to as Statute 26-F. It was back in 1981 that congress pushed legislation through that created Master Limited Partnerships; otherwise known as MLPs. They act like publicly traded limited partnerships where all of the underlying assets must be handed out to the people who have invested in them. They are a tax-free investment when at least 90% of the revenue that is generated from them comes from the production, storage, processing, and transportation of gas and oil in the United States. The MLP is also required to be paid out in checks to its shareholders.


A lot of investors are completely confused by the great offer that Freedom Checks represent, but what they don’t know is that they were created some time back to help to support companies in the U.S.A. that are working on new techniques to find more gas and oil. Matt Badiali has revealed that some MLPs have grown by as much as 39,832%, which is the reason they can distribute the amount of cash they do. The thing about them that many might not understand is that an investor wants to make sure they are putting their money into the right one. This is where Badiali comes in, because he knows the right MLPs to invest in and can point investors to them. It was during his time working within the oil industry and with other experts in the financial industry that he discovered MLPs, and he hopes to help others discover them, too. Read this article at Money Morning.