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Medical Contributions and Patents of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad left behind over forty years of practice in pediatric surgery, a few patents, several improvements on procedures, and thousands of bettered and saved lives when he retired from medicine. He served in the United States and went to eight West Bank and Jerusalem missions to perform many high-stake surgeries on poor children for free.



Over his decades of practice, Dr. Saad Saad developed a couple of medical patents which he still holds. The device is a development of the regular catheter which is widely used in medicine. It is a thin rubber tube that is inserted into the body to help with many different types of procedures and evaluations. A catheter needs to be tracked precisely, and that is done using an X-ray or an MRI. The patent that Dr. Saad Saad developed has a tracking system built into it in the walls of the catheter. That is to eliminate the need for scanning as many patients are extremely sensitive to the exposure to radiation and it can worsen their state.



The invention has not been put into action widely yet. It is a complex device to make which discourages manufacturers as they are unsure if they would be capable of producing it. On the other hand, a large medical business based in Utah has taken up interest in the patent and are looking into producing it. Learn more:



The other patent’s name is quite lengthy- “Methods and Apparatus for Providing Suction and/or Irrigation in a Rigid Endoscope While Maintaining Visual Contact with a Target Area Through the Endoscope.” In a nutshell, that is an upgraded take on the endoscope that allows for irrigation of bodily fluids in order to allow for better visibility.



An endoscope is inserted into the body, and the doctor can see what is happening inside it. It is commonly inserted through the mouth and other orifices. There is a camera, but the lens is obstructed by fluids in the body. The patent by Dr. Saad Saad allows the doctor to remove the fluids obstructing the view and have a smoother evaluation. The device is commonly used today.



During his time in medicine, Dr. Saad Saad was focused on contributing and making the work of doctors and the treatment of patients more comfortable and more effective for the patient. He was serving as the co-medical director and Surgeon in chief before he retired. He has served at various medical institutions across the United States of America and abroad. He studied in Egypt and then in the United States in Charleston, SC.


TMS Health Solutions’ Approach to Mental Illness

TMS Health Solutions is one of the leading providers of psychiatric treatment to patients with mental health conditions. The company is based in California (TMS Therapy San Francisco). TMS Health treats a variety of mental health conditions but it specializes most of in treating treatment-resistant depression.


Millions of people in the US suffer from depression. For some of those people, traditional methods of treatment have not produced sufficient results. That is why it may be a good idea to try TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation. It is a safe, non-invasive procedure that uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the part of the brain responsible for our mood behavior.

What sets TMS Health apart from other players in this field, is that they customize their treatment for each patient. The company understands that each patient’s condition is different, especially since for depression patients roots of their illness come from a circumstance unique to them. Therefore, even though the symptoms may be similar, TMS Health Solutions comes up with a treatment method for each patient that is patient-centered. Just like the butterfly on their logo, they look at every patient as a butterfly in a cocoon, waiting to morph into a beautiful creature and fly away.

TMS Health Solutions looks to provide as many opportunities to pay for their treatment as possible. For this reason, they are registered with 14 insurance companies. This makes their services accessible and affordable. To ensure that your insurance company is among the 14, check on their official website.

TMS Health has also made it easy to book appointments with them. Instead of driving all the way to the hospital to make a line just to book an appointment, simply call the number on their site and there will be someone to give you all the info you will need.

Follow TMS Health Solutions on Twitter for the most up to date information.

Staying Strong with Osteo Relief Institute

For those that suffer from osteoarthritis, it can mean they have to make changes to their daily routine. This often means changing one’s diet and getting proper exercise, as well as considering choosing a different vocation. Also important is what kind of medical support you have, and additional support is recommended. For those that find it difficult to make these transitions on their own, one organization is reaching out to help those in need. That organization is called Osteo Relief Institute.

Osteo Relief Institute is an organization of clinics dedicated to providing assistance and relief to those that suffer from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, as well as providing pain management. With offices all around the country, Osteo Relief Institute specializes in both providing non-surgical treatment options, and useful information to help their patients adjust to their condition. Follow Osteo Relief Institute on

Their headquarters, located in New Jersey, Osteo Relief Institute was established in June of 2012. With a team of trained professionals, they utilize cutting edge technology and methods to provide the best pain relief possible to their patients. All of their equipment and methods have been approved by the FDA. They have made it their primary objective to help their patients avoid having surgery if possible.

Should the time come when you need medical attention, having a good doctor is imperative to having good health. Osteo Relief Institute recognizes this, and employs the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals they can find. Their patients are treated as if they are close relatives or friends to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. All locations are separately owned and have great expertise in caring for their patients.

Learn more:

As we all age and get older, we can become susceptible to illness and disease if we do not take care of ourselves, and even if we do, things can still happen. It can be difficult sometimes, but by taking the proper actions and precautions, we can all live longer, healthier lives, with a greater quality of life. Institutions like Osteo Relief Institute make it their goal to help others achieve this quality of life. Visit Health Grades to know more about Osteo Relief Institute.

Neurocore Points out Why it is Important to Take Depression Cases Seriously

According to an article published on the Neurocore website earlier this year, depression is the most prevalent mental illness in America. It affects about seven percent of the 16 million adult population each year. Depression is more common in women and usually, begins at adulthood. However, it can still occur in people of all ages. There’s a stigma associated with depression, but it should be taken seriously. It has a greater impact than you may think.

There are a number of facts that will show you how serious of a matter depression is. One of them is the fact that it does not only arise from external factors. Some patients may be unfortunate to have it due to genetic factors. Depressive disorders also occur in different types such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, Postpartum Depression, and Major Depressive disorder. Symptoms of the condition usually vary from individual to individual. Feelings of emptiness and sadness are however common general signs.

Depression is not only internal but can also take a toll on the body. For example, it may cause headaches, gut issues, breathing difficulty, etc. Some cases can get serious to the level of leading to suicidal thoughts and suicide itself in extreme cases. Productivity, as well as the health of individuals, is also directly affected, leading to economic losses. This issue, therefore, requires special attention especially regarding funding treatment given the fact that it is treatable.

About Neurocore
Neurocore is an American organization focusing on dealing with matters concerning the human brain. It has centers located in Florida and Michigan identified as Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. These centers focus on giving training programs and brain-based assessments that help individuals to manage stress and improve sleep and concentration.

As far as Neurocore is concerned, the brain is not hard-wired. It is for this reason that it empowers individuals to achieve results by training their brains. The centers employ the latest technology in identifying and dealing with symptoms of its clients. Upon assessment, the clients will receive a personalized and safe program to remap the brain. This will in turn effectively deal with the targeted disorder or depression.

Screening Season with Cancer Treatment Centers of America

While a cancer diagnosis isn’t the death sentence it used to be, the simple mention of “cancer” strikes fear into most Americans. Prostate cancer, one of the more common ones, is no exception. That’s where the Cancer Treatment Centers of America come in. In partnership with the National Football League’s Alumni Association and Labcorp, CTCA will offer free prostate cancer screenings at any Labcorp location from September 1 to October 15.

The first 2000 eligible men get a screening for free, and anyone wanting a screening afterwards will be charged a nominal fee of $25. One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, making early screenings crucial.

The risk of prostate cancer for African-American men is 70 percent higher than other races, and family history plays a huge role in determining if a patient is at risk.

A kick-off event for the screenings was held August 30 in New Jersey, and featured the likes of former NFL coach Herm Edwards, former defensive linebacker Beasley Reece, former NFL player Jon Runyan and former US Representative Mike Quick.

The Cancer Treatment Centers were founded in Zion, Illinois in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, the CTCA provides traditional cancer treatment like surgery and radiation, in addition to therapies to help offset other cancer symptoms like fatigue and depression.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America treat all forms of cancer and offer round the clock insurance and patient support.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have locations in Zion, Illinois, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Newnan, Georgia, Goodyear, Arizona, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

How Depression Can Affect Anyone

Major depression can affect about 16 million adults every year. It is a mental disorder which can affect people of any age, sex, or race without sometimes there being any obvious cause for it occurring. Unfortunately, about 66% of people who are experiencing major depression don’t seek out help even though it is available. There are some facts people should know about depression in case you or someone you know experiences it.
People should know that the symptoms of depression can vary for people and some of them are not always obvious. People can be experiencing emptiness or sadness. They might start eating too much or not enough. They might lose interest in activities, even though they have greatly enjoyed in the past. Sometimes people struggle with negative thoughts but on the outside they present as if everything is fine.
When suffering from depression people’s bodies can negatively react. It can cause shortness of breath, stomach issues, and headaches. Scientists that have researched depression have shown that it has an effect on the brain to where both the structure and circuits look and work differently compared to someone not depressed.
Experts in the field that helps people with depression say that there is not nearly enough funding to research it. They point out that breast cancer gets one hundred more times in funding each year. As people can commit suicide while being severely depressed it is an issue that doesn’t get enough attention or donations.
Neurocore is a company headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which helps people who have severe depression as well as other mental disorders such as ADHD, Autism, migraines, and sleep issues.
At Neurocore they use Neurofeedback to help people. This involves brainwave mapping technology which monitors the patient’s brainwave frequencies in real-time. They seek to help the patient retrain their brain by rewarding the brain when it functions optimally. Patients go through this treatment over a period of time until their brains have achieved positive and lasting results. They have offices in Grand Rapids as well as a number of cities in Florida such as Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens.

For more information follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Madison Street Capital Helps Businesses Change Direction

Madison Street Capital functions as an investment firm that is able to operate on an international level. The company knows a lot about what they can do to help people and they consistently remain committed to the Madison Street Capital reputation so that they will be able to continue providing their services to other people. All of the things that they started to do gave them the opportunities that they needed and it was something that allowed them the chance to have a better experience since they were doing so much with their own businesses and with the things that they had helped other people out with. Learn more:

For Madison Street Capital to be able to do all of this, they had to make sure that they were offering people the chances that they needed to be successful. One company that they have done a lot of work with is Sterling Packaging. This is a company that is committed to providing services in the United States and Canada. They have come a long way as a business, but they still needed some guidance to ensure that they were going to be able to enjoy all of the different aspects of the packaging business.

While Madison Street Capital was helping them out, they found that they could do a lot to bring changes to the areas that they were in. They hoped that they would be able to show others what they needed to get out of these situations and what would make things better for each of their partners ( Madison Street Capital has always tried their hardest to ensure that the companies they work with are successful so that they don’t have to worry about all of the issues that are often associated with the business world. While Madison Street Capital is doing what they can to help their clients, they are also doing what they can to make positive investment choices for their firm.

All of this is in alignment with the values that Madison Street Capital has. The company has always been able to help people and they know that helping is a huge part of their business. They want to be able to give the best advice on banking and on investment opportunities. They know that they have the expert advice that will make a difference and they are consistently striving to be among the best in the business so that they can help other people out with their issues. Learn more:

Cancer Treatment Centers Develops New Solution for the Cancer Treatment Process

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently teamed up with Allscripts and Nanthealth to devise a more efficient way of accessing electronic records. With this new solution, Cancer Treatment Centers of America will have what they need in order to obtain an evidence based platform consisting of treatment options for patients. This new solution will prove to be very helpful for healthcare practitioners who are treating cancer patients. The development of the solution will allow physicians and other healthcare workers to avoid interruptions in their workload. Instead, they will just need to look up an electronic records platform to gain access to the newest and most effective cancer treatment options available. As a result, they will be in position to provide the very best care for those that are looking to overcome the effects of cancer.

Over the years, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has proven to be among the very best institutions for treating cancer. The institution has been known to provide highly advanced care for those looking to fight and beat cancer. While physicians and hospitals provide cancer diagnosis and treatment, they often have limits to what they can do for their patients. However, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers an alternative solution for individuals who are in need of more comprehensive treatment for cancer. The institution provides a number of different options that individuals can take advantage of. These include surgery, immunotherapy, radiation treatment and also chemotherapy. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America also helps with caring for patients both emotionally and physically. As a result, it has established itself as one of the very best places in terms of helping improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

The company Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides care to many people throughout the United States as well as the rest of the world. It has office locations in multiple locales in the United States which provide added convenience. Individuals who are looking to receive care for cancer can visit any of the locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Tulsa. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based in Boca Raton, Florida.
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