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Standout Lacrosse Player is Also Top Notch Videographer

Not all the information about Jon Urbana’s life is known, but what is known is very impressive. Jon was raised in Denver, Colorado. He was a star lacrosse player in high school. Urbana was accepted, and studied at Villanova, and he became one of the school’s top lacrosse players.

But what you may not know is that there’s more to Jon than lacrosse. Way more. Since not everyone has had a chance to read the posts at his website and a more detailed biography of Jon Urbana at, I’ll weigh in a bit here. Several of his videos give the world a better perspective when it comes to some of Jon’s accomplishments.

Urbana recently organized a CrowdRise fund to help raise money for his Animal Rescue and Adaptions Society. That is the non-profit organization that helps find homes for abandoned or stray cats in the Denver area. Jon Urbana is a cat lover, and he is trying to save some of the millions of cats that are senselessly destroyed each year because they have no homes.

He also set up a GoFundMe campaign that will help the organization Earth Force protect the environment. Urbana is a naturalist that respects all life. Living in Denver has made him acutely aware that all forms of life are important to the environment, and his videos confirm his commitment to the planet. So do his songs, like Swan Song.

Another Urbana love is photography. Jon has an extensive photography portfolio, and there are several videos that show the world what a talented man Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s Jon Urbana is. Many of the videos show the natural shots Jon took on trips to other countries. Some of the videos show his interest in art and music. All Urbana videos are incredible expressions that come alive on film, and that is what makes Jon’s artistry so special. One video is a collection of photos taken at different times, but when they are put together, they tell an important story.

Urbana captures the essence of the clouds as he maneuvers his plane around and through them. The video is a powerful piece that reflects the inner beauty that exists in the simple abundance in the clouds. All Urbana videos teach the viewer something about life, but the video of the clouds is one of the best teachers.