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The Art of Writing Long and Interconnected Wiki Pages

Editing Wikipedia pages can entail shortening overly long entries. Is an entry automatically too long just because there are scores of different paragraphs and a lot of text? The answer really is “It depends.” Entries can be short, long, extremely long, or, really, any length that the subject matter dictates. Lengthy Wikipedia pages can be extremely interesting to read provided they stay on topic and do not veer off on tangents. Certainly, run-on sentences, repeating the same material, and being long for the sake of being long, are not things that are all that good for the page.

One strategy that could be employed would be to create a separate page that relates to the subject. For example, a Wikipedia page that deals with a professional baseball team could have another completely different page dedicated to a notable event in the team’s history. The page could be “The August Controversy of 1930.” A full page could go into tremendous detail of that day in August. A link to read the full story of “The August Controversy of 1930” is then presented in the header of the shortened section.

The baseball team example is exactly that – a brief, illustrative example. There are scores of other different subjects and topics that could follow the same construct.

The ability to actually perform the physical edits and creating links and subpages is fairly easy. Once a user account is made, all the writer/editor has to do is follow the simple instructions for creating and revising content. The talent to properly craft well-written Wiki pages of the proper length does require a lot of skill and experience. This is going to be doubly true when the length of the entry has to cover a lot of territory and numerous different subpages have to be devised.

One option would be to turn over the writing and editing tasks to a service such as Get Your Wiki. Since they hire Wikipedia editors, this company handles professional-grade Wikipedia writing and editing. This way, all the various interconnected pages are produced at the highest quality.

For those struggling with creating very complex Wiki pages, perhaps outsourcing the work is the right way to go.