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Living Your Purpose with Adam Milstein

Success is defined in different aspects of life. Success does not necessarily mean financial freedom. Sometimes it means having something fulfilling and noble to do in life; living your purpose. Only a few people get the chance to live their purpose in life. One of this people is Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein is the managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties. He is also a nationally recognized humanitarian who is committed to protecting the Jewish culture. Milstein believes that all Jewish should know what their culture expect from them. There also needs custodians to continue passing their cultural practices and beliefs.

For this purpose, they began the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. The organization does a lot of activities to reach their goals. For example, they have 15000 Jewish families who they supply with free copies of the Jewish culture written in Hebrews on a monthly basis.

Milstein also understands that the financial resources and the materials may not be enough to help protect the culture of the Jewish. They, therefore, ensure that they actively participate when they are events or planned programs. Being part of the sessions is incredibly meaningful.

Teachings can have more meaning when they are taught to target age groups. This gives a chance to concentrate and focus on the critical aspects affecting specific groups based on their stages of life. Adam Milstein understands this and hence offers any support to the people offering such services.

The other factor that Adam Milstein does is collaborate with other philanthropic groups who share his goal. This helps in attaining more and having significant results.

Adam Milstein is also great in his investment activities. He says that he stays focused and persists until he gets the desired results. He says that he doesn’t let anyone hinder him from accomplishing his goals. He explains that although he delegates duties, he does a lot by himself. When he delegates duties and realizes that the assigned person is not doing the work, he does the task himself.

As for Adam Milstein, he does not have a specific routine that he follows; it is mixing his job with the humanitarian work that fulfills him.