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Alex Pall Realizing his Music Dreams

With smash hits such as “Roses”, “Don’t Let me Down”, and the recently released “Closer” featuring fellow indie pop artist Halsey. Alex Pall, one half of up and coming indie pop band, The Chainsmokers. It’s interesting to note the humble beginnings that sprouted this unique musician. Starting out as a DJ in New York City, music was a hobby Alex was passionate for. After realizing his potential at a local art gallery, the Westchester native took to his current manager, and shortly thereafter met fellow bandmate Anderew Taggart.

Sharing the same drive and ambition, the two hit it off, determined to bring about a new type of music, and a brand new name for themselves. The “Closer” singer looked at this project as more than just a job, but a whole new experience as far as performing went. Blending styles such as synthpop and electriconica, the goal was to create a unique style that audience could relate to on a deeper level. A sound that people could listen and jam to, but also connect with lyrically.

At this stage in their career, the duo are at a point where the sound and where there headed is all that matters. Their not exactly looking to make a record composed of several new ideas, but rather a cohesive album that illustrates the image of EDM the band has painted. As far as their fanbase goes, Pall thanks social media, especially Instagram for being able to tie every fan out there right back to him. With fanclubs stretching as far north as Iceland and Norway, to Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand in the Southeast. Each latest hit managing to pull the group higher and higher on the Billboards top 100 list.

With shows ranging from New York, to Las Vegas, the duo continue to chart in countries worldwide, bringing about their original style to the millions with each passing day. For some the duo may come off as just another music group, but for others, the duo have become a staple in the world of EDM music